Grey Day

It is a grey day here today. In two ways, the first being the low clouds and lack of sun…
The second being my new pride and joy:
This huge old grey trunk came home with me last week and it was one of those things that have me feeling like digging through grungy old thrift stores year after year is worth the trouble, even if this is the only thing I ever found. It is the perfect shade of grey, with the perfect amount of wear and tear. I love that it even has wheels (which made moving it by myself much more pleasant!).
Another find was this adorable little queen Wren and I found at Michael’s for $1.99 while picking up some supplies for upcoming spring decor crafts.
I should have picked up a handful more for good mother’s day gifts!
I hope your day is sunny and bright, but if it’s grey here’s to hoping it’s in a good way,

Grey Day

26 thoughts on “Grey Day

  1. I LOVE it! I used to have an old trunk….but it smelled SO bad from the years of mildew and …well, just musty. Horribly musty. But from my screen, I don't smell a thing! Marissa


  2. What fun! Super cute birdie, indeed, and I have a thing for old trunks, too…very nice one you have there!
    Sorry it's not more sunny there, but sometimes grey days are cool, too. :)

    Oh, PS- I have a random question about the last post, but didn't want to put it there and have more 'entries' than allowed…Anyway, is there an actual Silhouette HD, or is there just an SD? I didn't see an HD mentioned on their site, or offered in stores that sell their stuff, and the photos of your own box says HD on it. At first I figured the HD must be their newest version and SD was an old model, so was just wondering if you could clear that up, since I'm looking into buying one (incase I don't win), and I'd want to get the newest up to date model. Thanks for your time & help, Holly! Happy Grey Day!


  3. Thanks so much ladies!!

    Krystal, I think I wasn't paying very close attention when I typed the post title, because I believe there is only the SD (which is the same model I have). Can't wait to hear what you have planned besides the invites. SORRY for any confusion and good luck!!!



  4. wow, what a truly amazing find!! And you didn't have to paint it? …the wheels seriously make it 100% fabulous. I've used one as a coffee table before and it was impossible to move and became totally non-functional. This is fantastic!


  5. Hi Holly! I just ran to Michael's on my lunch to pick up the little Queen Bird!!! They had two different sizes. I opted for the larger one which is the one I believe you have, and they were only $1.49!!! The smaller version was only $1.29! I was trying to think of a reason to buy more but I ended up with just the one because I think it makes more of a statement. At first I thought the crown was a candle stick holder but I don't think a taper would stand up straight. Thanks for sharing the great find and great bargain!!!


  6. so i have almost the exact same trunk…it is almost creepy! it needs a little work done but they're so similar! did you have to do any work to it? i'm blogging about my trunk tomorrow in hopes of getting some tips…would you mind if i posted a picture of yours to compare? i'll credit the photo of course. :) so glad i ran across your blog on pinterest…i love it!


  7. I have the exact same trunk; found this post when thinking about repainting mine (it belonged to my grandmother). I've never seen another one like it.

    I use mine as a coffee table, too. The only problem I have is that the slightly rounded top has been know to throw a drink on the floor!


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