Card Catalogue Dresser

I have no idea where my love of labeling things comes from. But gosh I love me some clearly labeled drawers, instructions, illustrations. Anything with a label makes my heart skip a beat. I think it is the perfectionist, OCD side of me fighting to break free. Photobucket

But I guess there are worse things to be in love with than a well labeled dresser?

This guy was ripe for the picking with his clean lines and plain drawers. Keeping it from looking too visually cluttered is the real key to using card catalogue plates.


A little white paint, followed by some grey paint, followed by some distressing and we were ready to attach our filing cabinet inspired chrome handles and frames.


Taking the crazy 1 step further I printed up some fantasical labels on the ‘puter.


On a totally different wave length, I have to make a confession. I have ventured over to the dark side and bought this set of faux-piaries (aka fake topiaries in the event the joke fell flat…). I rarely ever see fake greenery that I like, and when I spied these two at Home Sense I was thoroughly fooled so in the cart they went. The price tag was unbelievable as well, totalling the cost of just 1 real topiary from HomeDepot.


And a big thanks to my Dad for loaning me the artwork in these shots! He opened a new restaurant a few years ago and I sourced all the black and white artwork from the local Archives with my mom. These two are waiting to go into another location he is renovating, but in the meantime I am gonna put them to good use (and maybe they will get lost before the reno is done?).

Anyways, thanks a lot Dad!

Card Catalogue Dresser

43 thoughts on “Card Catalogue Dresser

  1. I LOVE this! The labels, the dresser and how you have it decorated! You have inspired me to redo my trash pick from last year! Love your blog! Thanks for sharing that dresser is amazing!!!


  2. I LOVE this dresser!! The labels are awesome! I love the color, the fake “greens” which is all I can grow :) just the all of it.. Your blog is awesome too.. I hope you don't mind I added you to my blog roll!
    You just inspired me to redo the dreser my tv is currently sitting on!
    Thanks for the post


  3. The dresser is beautiful and I really like the topiaries. When I was first scrolling through the pictures I thought the top drawer label read “candies” and I thought “Yum! A whole drawer of chocolate!” I think I might have a bit of a sugar problem. . .


  4. This is just perfection, Holly!
    Would you mind sharing where you got the card catalog label holders?
    I love how you printed them up on the 'puter ;)
    You're the best!!
    P.S. your sis did a fantabulous job on my blog layout! thanks for sharing her info with us!


  5. Thanks so much ladies~

    The hardware comes from Lee Valley, and while I wish I could share the paint color, it was a mix of grey, white and a touch of aqua that I had laying around and blended together. Don't be afraid to play a little with your left over paint!!


  6. Holly!!! i am SO mad at myself right now! i found those exact handles on clearance at Target the other day for $3.74 for a pack of four of them! less than a dollar a piece! so i of course bought all four packs… and then, returned them bc i had not a single thing to put them on.

    ughhhhh! maybe i should check to see if they're still there before i have to go to work tomorrow. i'm totally kicking myself!

    LOVE that dresser by the way!


  7. So creative! What a fantastic idea… my OCD side can totally relate to this and I might have to steal the idea at home – and share it with my readers as well (crediting you of course)!


  8. So much great stuff in this post! The faux-piaries are very nice, I love the chrome hardware, and you made the perfect lables! But I really like that photo of the boy and his dog. Can you tell me the title or artist, or where it was found? I'd love to find a print of it too! Thanks for sharing this fun post :)


  9. I love it! I have always, always wanted a card catalog but the real ones are so expensive. Your project is now on my list for my living room makeover. I got faux-piaries by the way! ;) Where did you purchase the little frames for the project?
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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