shaking things up

I feel like I am good at sharing a fragment of a room here and there, but need to try and improve on sharing full rooms. I realized this all too well when I was looking through our Reno links and realized almost all the rooms look different. REALLY different. So I am on a mission to slowly but sure update them, and continue to do so as they change (all too frequently sometimes, so forgive me if it is a challenge to stay on top of). The living room /dining room actually change the most frequently as far as furniture goes, but layout and general furniture positioning usually stays the same. And I have to offer a caveat that while I took these photos on Saturday the dresser is already long gone and a new table is about to come inside (and I think you may be shocked when I show you. Like REALLY shocked!). But in the event you were curious what it looked like for approximately 5 days here are the photos.

I am still swooning over the new trunk. It is the first thing I see when I come down the stairs in the morning and I smile every day!

See those baskets filled with pillows? what you can’t see is that under the pillows are dozens and dozens of Wren’s books. I like to think of our living room as the bat-cave of toys. Every cupboard, corner and basket hides books, gadgets and toys. If you were to open any door it would cause a small landslide of My Little Ponies. I have continued to struggle with the large open layout of these rooms, and have found that large scale items are the best, but I still debate on painting the walls (it looks particularly bland thanks to the cloudy day I shot on).

Our former TV stand hangs out under the logs for now.

I took our last dining room rug upstairs to the office, so I was short a dining room rug until this one came home with me a few weeks ago. It was laying all rolled up on the floor at HomeSense without a tag, I knew I wanted it and a lovely sales associate marked it at $99. SOLD!

We haven’t hung the mirror yet, as logic tells me it is probably best to delay hanging a 3 hundred pound mirror until after a lot of banging and smashing 6 feet away is finished.

Now if only I could figure out how to host an online dinner party I would happily have you all over!
shaking things up

27 thoughts on “shaking things up

  1. Awww thanks so much ladies! I am tempted Ann Marie! It may play out just like that LOL.

    Michelle, I didn't paint the trunk, it came like that. But I can tell someone painted it since the hardware was all painted as well. Good luck with your black one!!


  2. I so adore your design style – it must take serious self restraint to limit the colors and keep such a peaceful & cohesive look. wondering…with 2 kids of my own…how in the world do you keep it looking peaceful? and where is all the kiddie garb that swarms my home??


  3. i adore your style – it must take serious self restraint to limit the colors and keep it so peaceful & cohesive… i'm wondering where all the kiddie garb is that erupts in my home every time i clean up??


  4. Okay, so I have a question re: the backwards books on the shelf. I love the effect (clearly, since our books are arranged by color which continues to perplex the hubs).

    In a stunning home like yours, I wonder to myself, “Where do you store the real stuff?” Like the paperbacks you enjoy, the DVD collection, etc.? Some of those things aren't pretty, but need to be stored/displayed somehow. I think we have found creative ways to do this in our home, but I'm wondering your solution to artfully storing all the unattractive day-to-day things? Is there a secret closet???

    A Pear to Remember

    p.s. since I don't know if I'll be notified of your response, and I'm darn curious:


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