Tickled Pink

Remember when I mentioned that our living room/dining room had already seen some dramatic changes, ones that may surprise you? I thought I might give a little peek!

Huh, what? Where’s the white table???

I found this chinoiserie table earlier this winter and decided that it was just too darned neat to go with white. Plus the idea of distressed bamboo just doesn’t seem to go together for me. So I let it sit and decided to let the table tell me what it wanted to be.

I worked around it for months and out of the blue I turned, looked at the table and knew that it had decided to be pink. A fun, vibrant pink.

So I decided to just be safe and try googling “pink dining table” to see what the results may look like. Would it be insanely girly, too childish? But to my surprise, I was unable to actually track down a photo of a pink table!! Lots of pink rooms, pink accessories, but not hot pink tables.

It took a little courage, but as soon as the first coat was on I knew it was the right choice.

{if anyone knows how to get that white oxyclean residue out of sisal rugs PLEASE share!}

Wren spilt her juice there and I can’t seem to get the soapy feel out now!
It may never find another home because I know it is a bit of an unusual design statement, but I am already have SOOOOO much fun putting together our Spring dining room. We are lightening up the drapes, bringing in a new sideboard and have a REALLY REALLY fun tablescape in progress that will be the perfect place to celebrate Easter breakfast and a Mother’s day brunch.

And in the event it hangs around for a while, I think Wren and I may hold a very merry un-birthday out in the yard around the table (After 27 years of winter/christmas birthday’s I think I want to try a sunny warm one)!
Tickled Pink

47 thoughts on “Tickled Pink

  1. love it! pretty in pink! =)

    I havce a sisal rug & my dog had an accident on it (whoops!) I cleaned it was oxy clean & it left a spot as well. Thankfully, tt eventurally disappeared on it's own! It was a few weeks. I hope yours disappears on its own too!!


  2. I love your bravery! Just when we thought we knew you with all your whispery-whiteness, you bust out the pink paint! I love the High Dah-Rah-Mah it throws into the room…please, please, please tell us what color it is!


  3. Awesome Holly!! I absolutely love it. Also wondering how you manage to snag such great things, I can never find a table like that when I go out…

    Since going pink would mean I'd have the change everything on the main floor (due to our stupid small “great room” concept), I'll have to pass. But if that baby ever goes turquoise, I expect an email! I could be there in 15 minutes!


  4. I love that table! It is the perfect shade of pink and makes quite a statement. It looks wonderful with all of your white. That is a fun table, Holly. I think you need to keep that one!


  5. this is insane. and i love it! hahaha. i cannot wait to see what changes you make… that room is already gorgeous so if you have something to change, wow!

    and you know i've been dying to see the master bedroom updates. lol. ours is still a work in progress… as is every other room in the house. ;)


  6. hello! i'm a new reader to your blog but i just had to pop in for this post and say: amazing! i love the table and the lines are so gorgeous! and i know what you mean about knowing the table decided to be pink – isn't that the most exciting feeling?! :)


  7. That looks wonderful!..The colour PINK you choose is stunning! I love the bamboo element!…even if you get tired of it you seem very good with a paint brush…you can change it!
    glad you are having some sun…we had two days…but now cold clouds!


  8. Holly I LOVE the table!! This Hot Pink is the color of the year and I am loving using it as island and accents color in me new houses! I adore you and your blog, and was so surprised to see the bright new dining table! It made my day! You know I LOVE color!


  9. I love the pink – it's so unexpected but it also makes sense. So good when you follow your gut. I hope you never get rid of that table! It seems like such a rare find.


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