Caitlin Rowe Giveaway Winners

If someone ever asks me what super power I would like to have I am leaning towards growing an additional 6 arms. Honestly, think about how much you could get done with 8 arms! I would be able blog with 2 hands, email with another 2, paint with 1, cook dinner with the other 2 and change a diaper all at the same time!

But I am sure the wardrobe for someone with 8 arms isn’t all that cute since I’m sure your options would be limited. So maybe I will go back to saying mind reading or invisibility.

However, 8 arms is very cute when it is in the form of a pillow embroidered with a big blue octopus! I took the next jump in thrifting recently when I brought this pillow home for $5 (don’t worry, no bedbugs here! I put it through the wash machine on Sanitize twice).

About 5 years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed I needed anything at a thrift store, 3 years ago I would have told you you were crazy if you told me I’d every buy clothes at one, and up until just last week I cringed whenever walking by the blankets and pillows. Never say never! Because this baby happily resides in my almost-finished office as my thrifting badge of honor.

So since I only have 2 hands I am sorry this took so long to announce, but along with ‘never saying never’ I also believe in ‘better late than never’.

Congrats ladies!! Drop me an email as soon as you can and I will have Caitlin send out your Taylor headband and Doris hair clip. And a BIG thanks again to Caitlin Rowe for sharing some goodies with us all!!!

Caitlin Rowe Giveaway Winners

7 thoughts on “Caitlin Rowe Giveaway Winners

  1. That pillow is adorable! I've never had a problem buying clothing and household items from thrift stores. I always wash them well before using them, even if they still have tags on them and are probably unworn. I do hesitate when it comes to pillows…but so far, so good!


  2. What a cool find. I have a friend who loves thrift stores and finds amazing things. I have always been a little scared and carry hand sanitizer! But, she is showing me how to dig and find treasure. We came home last weekend with lots of fun stuff.


  3. I'm catching up on Life in the Fun Lane after a few weeks away. I LOVE that pillow! You may be reinspired me to thrift again. I hit a dry spell – as in didn't find anything good in months – so I gave it up. I think it's time to try again!


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