Everytime I say hello I say goodbye

Life’s been exciting and hectic here! Potty training is in full force, Sean has bought 2 cars (apparently boys need a separate car for Summer and Winter) and the kitchen is progressing nicely, but I’ve been really distracted this week because on Sunday we decided we would be taking a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles.
My Dad is headed down to see a specialist at UCLA and Wren and I offered to tag along for support. Unfortunately Sean couldn’t swing any time off so we are making our first solo Mommy/Baby trip which should be exciting and eventful. Just getting ready to travel with a 2 year old has taken up all of my abilities the last 2 days, getting parental consent documents sorted out with a lawyer and plenty of in-flight distractions. But I’m hoping she won’t need them and will be doing lots of this:
Why is it that 2 years constantly have the lovely smear of food around their mouth? I feel like I am wiping it away every 10 minutes…
anyway I will try and pop in at least once or twice while we are away, wish me luck during our travels!
Everytime I say hello I say goodbye

17 thoughts on “Everytime I say hello I say goodbye

  1. Yeah, I didn't realize it either until recently Brynalyn but when only one parent travels with a child they just want to be sure that the other parent is consenting. I think it is mainly in cases of custody settlements where they worry one parent may run off with the child.


  2. I was wondering the EXACT same think with my 2 year old's face today. And we started with a half day of potty training. Half day…2 accidents…diaper. tomorrow I'm putting her in the backyard with a sunscreen covered bare bottom and a little potty.


  3. It's for traveling outside the country with out both parents. If you got her out by yourself depending on which country you visited you may not HAVE to bring her back!! Scary isn't it! Safe Travels!!


  4. If you've not already gone here's a tip. Take on board a lollipop or two for the little one for descent. The sucking will help eliminate the blocking of the ears. If she's not asleep that is.


  5. I have never flown with my daughter, but my inlaws live 7+ hours away and we've been making that trip for several years now. My advice: pack the benadryl. I know that sounds terrible and I gasped at the thought when my mom suggested it. But my daughter gets over-stimulated very easily and sometimes she just needs helping settling down. But most of the time we don't use it. I'm sure your trip will be fabulous. I hope you both have a wonderful time together!


  6. Hi there! I just happened to stumble upon your blog and thought I would say hi.
    You two will do awesome! I did my first solo mama/baby trip to WA when my daughter was 18 months. Man oh man… Your baby looks like a little angel. I hope everything goes very smoothly for you.



  7. Really I am in shock about the documents ! I travel at least 6 times a year solo with my 5 kids and have never been asked for any documentation …. Hmmm… maybe I should look into that .. thanks and best of luck and well wishes for your dad !


  8. Thanks so much everyone!
    We arrived on thursday morning and aside from freaking out while being patted down and swabbed at security, Wren did fabulous!! My dad and I were a little sick coming in with the turbulence and all Wren could say was “WHeeeww, let's do it again!”. And it has been smooth sailing since~

    I forgot to mention that the documents are only for out of country travel. We are canadian and traveled to the US, and I was really happy I brought them because sure enough the border agents scrutinized them really thoroughly.

    Thanks again for all your advice and thoughts!


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