Ladies Night!

It’s funny how a girl can enjoy having paint all over her face, yet have an equally good time spending an afternoon getting ready to go out.
Dedicating a few hours to painting nails, pinning up curls and trying on more than a few outfits is definitely one my funnest past times. Even when the occasion doesn’t demand anything close that amount of prep… it’s nice to feel like a girl. Specially when you are wiping peanut buttery faces and banana covered fingers every day. I wouldn’t even consider myself someone who knows anything at all about make up (I wear the same few products daily), and my knowledge of hair styling is less than minimal, but the best part of having a few hours to play dress up is that you just keep trying until it works! And sometimes you learn a few new things.
Ready for ladies night! and by ladies night I mean a bunch of grown ups acting like tweens waiting in line for Breaking Dawn
Team Edward baby!
Rebecca Taylor dress, Juicy Jeggings, Bongo wedges.
Happy Thursday, and Thanksgiving to all our American friends!
PS: I didn’t cut my hair again! I am trying to grow it out but it doesn’t want to cooperate so I pin it under to look short sometimes.
Ladies Night!

7 thoughts on “Ladies Night!

  1. You look lovely! The pincurls are very fun. I often think the best part of going out is the dressing up before hand (when one has time).
    Hope you enjoyed your movie! I'm totally team Edward too :)


  2. You look adorable! And I saw Breaking Dawn tonight. There were about ten or more KIDS between the ages of 4 and 8 years old there. Um, hello people, this is not a kids show!

    (oh yeah, Team Edward for sure)


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