Nothing is more soothing to me than the smell of fresh lavender! Sadly fresh lavender doesn’t happen way here up north. But I can now pretend I am relaxing on a chaise in Provence, even on the chilliest days thanks to these amazing faux Lavender buckets I scooped up at Restoration Hardware last week.
Trust me, I am usually anti-faux plant! But these look so real that I often find myself leaning in for a sniff before I remember they aren’t the real thing.
The original price reflected their realistic look at $238 each (holy cow I can’t believe someone would drop close to $500 for 2 of these!!) , but they were a much more reasonable $70 minus another 10% last week. Still not cheap, but I think they may actually save me money in the long run after the bad streak of killing plans I was on last year.
I’ve played with them all over the house but they have ended up in my cast iron urns so I will be sure to share their final resting place once I pad them up with a little extra moss.

8 thoughts on “Lavender

  1. I looove those!!! I had some indoor lavender growing buckets in my cart from Micheals a few weeks ago. They were $10.00 on sale and I thought … eeehhh… I dont want these. The whole ride home I cursed myself for not grabbing them, now I am even MORE mad!! HAHA!!! Love these though ;)


  2. I love lavender as well! I think RH and Pottery Barn have the best fake flowers and plants! They are the only ones I will buy. While slightly more expensive then craft stores or wherever you would buy fake flowers from, they are much more realistic!


  3. Those lavender plants are gorgeous! Very lifelike! And such a good idea. I have urns that I need to fill also, and have spent waaay to much on topiaries that died too!
    BTW, love the outfits you wore last week! Too cute!


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