I have been busy busy busy (what’s new, I know you must think I don’t have time to breath over here). The reason is that I finally dedicated some time over the past few weeks to adding a new branch to the WhiteBerry website. It has been a goal of mine to finally start sharing all the awesome small wares that I see when I’m out, as well as many of the ones that have come home with me despite the fact that I had no need for them other than thinking they were too fabulous to sit in a garage, basement, store, etc.
The biggest share of work needed to take place behind the scenes as I developed everything online, but now I should be adding things weekly (the pile I need to sort through is a little overwhelming).
But my favorite part is that many of the items are able to be shipped within North America, so now anyone can find a treasure and bring it home.
I really have no guidelines to what may pop up there, so who knows what you may see. Most things are interesting and purposeful, but some are just plain interesting and may need someone with a creative touch to think of what to use them for!
So stop by and take a peek every so often at what WhiteBerry {Inventory} has laying around!
Thank you again for all your WhiteBerry love over the past 3 years, it is still so cool to meet new friends and share this love of old treasures with so many people. That is definitely the biggest treasure of all!

6 thoughts on “{Inventory}

  1. Hi Holly!
    Follower from Cancun here… Hola! Cindy (cameras & chaos) told me about your blog and I've reading it these past days! Congratulations on the excellent work you do, your beautiful house and family! I wish you great success and thank you for all that you share!


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