Let’s chat stools~

I have been wanting to share our new stools (thanks for the reminder in the last post Dawn!!), but I’ve been waiting for the partner for our stool. I think I mentioned that we were eyeing the Restoration Hardware stools but found the $315 price tag (plus shipping) a tad high (I now see they are on sale for $255). So while these look nearly identical, they aren’t from restoration hardware.
I debated on whether to post about our experience with the stools because I hate being a debbie downer, but at the end of the day I really REALLY want to save someone else the same trouble we had. A few months ago I saw these stools at a local boutique called Urbane. They were priced at $250 each so I decided that after the holidays we would order them and save ourselves about $200.
We went in on January 2 and asked if we could order the stools but the sales associate told me that they were now $500 each. YIKES!! And to top if off they looked completely different to me. She was positive that there were no stools at $250 and even after I pointed out all the differences in the photos they emailed me she hesitated on pulling up any sort of pricing. Eventually she admitted they were different and that I could order the original ones I liked for $250 each. We paid and she told me she would call me a week later with details on when they would arrive.
3 weeks later I finally call them asking for an update and learn that there was one waiting for me at the warehouse the entire time. Thanks for letting me know! They had no idea when the next one would arrive…
2 weeks later I get a call asking if I was told what happened to my other stool. Ummm, no you were supposed to tell me what was going on, remember? Well it turns out that it arrived but was somehow crushed by a fork lift. But don’t worry, they would rush order a new one. One week later I still hadn’t heard when the new one would arrive so I called back and was told that this manufacturer doesn’t ship until the truck is completely full so I would have to wait until more customers placed orders. Hello, that doesn’t sound like a rush order to me?! I pointed out that it didn’t seem too rushed based on that info and I kind of wanted to know when I could expect the other stool. I debated on just cancelling the order and returning the first stool to instead get the RH ones when somehow later that day a stool magically turns up and they brought it over… hmmmm.
Anyways, I have both the stools now and while I love them I probably would have just paid the extra money and ordered the RH version since I have had nothing but amazing service there. Lesson learned!

I think I will order another just because I feel like 2 isn’t quite enough but 4 would be overwhelming for that ledge.

Sean loves that he can lower his seat while Wren and I like our stools higher!

Finally all the little touches of dark/black metal are making sense as everything comes together.

It’s funny because this whole kitchen process seemed to be just one big fight from the cabinets to efaucets.com not shipping our tap and now these stools. The only companies I’ve worked with that I’ve had nothing but rave reviews for are Urban Granite who did our marble counters, Restoration Hardware who helped with the light and Tile Town who we ordered our subway tile with.
Biggest lesson I’ve learned? You have to be really vocal to get what you want! Patiently waiting doesn’t get you much, and sadly the thorn in the sides are usually the ones who get the fastest/best response.
Let’s chat stools~

31 thoughts on “Let’s chat stools~

  1. They're gorgeous! Too bad you had such crappy customer service though. One of the beauties of blogging is sharing info like this. And, who knows: maybe someone from Urbane will stumble across this post and their customer service will improve as a result. Sharing your experience is never being a debbie downer!


  2. Love the new Stools Holly! …and your kitchen turned out amazing! Totally understand your battles…imagine having to do it everyday like I do! It drives me bonkers how people just can't do what they say when they say..or just communicate! Rant over lol!


  3. I love this look and found these online for under $250 and was going to order them but after many talks with the hubby, we decided that we needed backs to make them more comfy to sit and stay longer. We ordered our new ones via Sams club and love them. I still love the ones you got though.


  4. I love the slightly industrial feel those stools bring into the room. Ugh, nothing worse than not getting what you paid for, when you're supposed to get it. Hopefully you're kitchen woes will all soon be behind you.


  5. I was wondering about the stools when you posted your last one about the family room, too! Thanks for addressing it. Such a bummer about your experience! If you order another one the counter would look balanced, but you may not get it until summer! haha. Best of luck!


  6. Man! You are so singing my song here! I actually posted, (to my blog) about the beautiful carrara marble slab I looked at on Tuesday, and was soooo excited about having my carrara island countertop finally installed tomorrow. Instead, the guy calls me today and tells me, “Just to be sure you'll be happy, why don't you come by and take another look, now that we have the slab flat on the bench for cutting.” See… when I first looked at it, the slab was outside propped up on its edge – so I think when they laid it flat they saw for themselves that it wasn't as perfect as they'd told me. And, I'm sure they knew they wouldn't be able to pass off less-than-perfect on me. Anyway… Long story short, I rush out there to look, so excited about it, only to find that the whole thing is crap! The left side of the slab they told me was, “best” the other day is full of pits/chips (albeit tiny) and the side (right) they told me wasn't the best was now the side they recommended I choose; however, there's a crack on the surface (not a natural crack, an actual break) opposite where my island would be cut out from. So I scrapped the whole deal. They are sending me a check for my deposit and it's back to the drawing board for me! I would LOVE for you to e-mail me (jcbridge@aol.com) and tell me how you managed to get such a big expanse of carrara that's so perfect!

    As for your stools – they are lovely, a fantastic choice (I love your taste/aesthetic) and you're right, you need three. I chose the same stools I saw in Gwyneth Paltrow's kitchen – her designer openly admitted they came from overstock.com – in a 2-pack for $99 no less! Despite their rigid appearance, they are soooo comfortable! Anyway, I love your kitchen… It is my dream kitchen. :)

    If you'd like to see my stools, you may read my post here (you will also see the island I want to cover in carrara!):


  7. LOL, you mentioned me in your post :) Thanks so much for the frank response Holly – I'm a big fan of sharing info if it's going to help someone else. That said, I've been having a similar customer experience to yours, with a bed from RH. They *just* called to cancel delivery for the FOURTH time because of a defect. Utterly maddening. I'm so frustrated with this experience, it makes me hesitant to purchase anything else from Restoration Hardware (like stools). I've also heard that the quality of their stools is questionable, and perhaps a more solid stool at a better price can be found elsewhere. That's my saga :) Thanks again for sharing – really helpful!! And your kitchen looks amazing….you have such an eye for detail and how to make the whole room work together!!


  8. I am a big believer that word of mouth can make or break a business, thanks for sharing your experience.

    I had similar problems with contractors/suppliers when we built our home. Some made it right, some didn't. You can guess which ones I recommend ;)


  9. It sucks that you've had such issues! We are renovating our entire house and sadly I would estimate that about 80% of my interactions with the various vendors we have dealt with have been very similar to your experience – the worst being a 4 month go round with Restoration Hardware over a damaged pendant shade that they had to ship to us 4 different times! Of course I love it now, but talk about stress!! I hope the rest of your week gets better!


  10. Just wanted to follow up and say that RH has made everything right. Bed finally delivered – yeah! And, the sales associate from my local store went to bat for me & got me a discount on the toledo chairs, which were delivered in four days :) As one of your other readers said, screw-ups happen, it's how it's handled that counts.


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