To dye for

Yesterday Wren and I had to head over to Ikea for some Lexington related supplies (the kitchen cabinets are all Ikea) and I picked up an extra Euro sham to get the outstanding items finished in our bedroom. I also picked up a king sized white fitted sheet in the as-is area for $10.

Then we headed to Michael’s to grab some fabric dye to make our own custom blue bedding. I didn’t see a shade of blue I loved so we picked up both teal and royal blue ($4.99 each, minus 20% with a coupon) so I could blend until I liked the color. The instructions said to use table salt as well, but I did not follow the directions as per the package when it came time to mix the water and dye. The reason was that I did not want a really really strong, overly saturated color. Just a soft hit.

So after adding some dye to the water, mixing it really well and testing on a fabric swatch I liked the tone I came up with.

Time to dunk the sheet! It needed to be stir constantly for about 15 minutes to get a good even color, then I let it sit for 10 more.

One sheet done, and then it was time to do a couple pillow cases I already had at home as well as a white bed skirt I had (which I originally got at Ikea as well for only $16, so if you don’t have one and want to try this it is a pretty minimal purchase).

After rinsing them and then throwing it all in the wash machine it was time to see how it all looked. It is rainy and gloomy here today, so the color looks kind of washed out, but I adore the finished product!

The reason I wanted to try dying my own is to achieve a more worn in, faded blue over a new, crisp blue. Next to the linen headboard the ruffle shams are the perfect amount of floppy, comfy blue.

The dresser still needs a fresh coat of white paint, but I swapped out my free, road side mirror for something a little chunkier with this canvas map. I think it adds just the right amount of masculinity to the old dresser.

Now that I’ve attempted dying fabric at home I think I will definitely be putting this stuff to use again in the future with throw pillows or slipcovers. 

Have you tried fabric dye? what did you dye??
To dye for

17 thoughts on “To dye for

  1. Hey Girlie- Yes, I have dyed fabric, some towels. But be super careful each and every time you wash them. A couple of times we had something a tiny bit lighter in with the towels and the items picked up the color. Sicks big time. I even did that color fats wash after dying them, and followed the directions to the T. Hopefully you have better luck. I'd love to know if you do- because I'd love to dye a throw gray. But now I'm scared!!
    xo Becca


  2. Beautiful, I think it softens the whole bed. Surprisingly nice change! Love the color they turned out!!

    Yes I have dyed lots of things over the years….nothing to this extent because I am a sale monger and eventually find what I want in linens!
    Oh and we love Winners and Homesence!!

    Last thing we dyed was a white skirt blue, and it turned out a very cool looking stretch jean material. How we visualized it and how it turned out was quite different…that is the problem with dying different materials…sticking with cotton is your best bet I think!!

    Hugs Giggles


  3. So pretty! I have had the same experience as Becca unfortunately. I dyed a couple pairs of my daughters jeans that were a funky shade of pink to (should have been a dark blue) and they ended up a gray-ish purple…and that wasn't so bad except that the first 4-5 loads of laundry that those items went into they dyed a ton of other stuff in that ugly purple too! lol i learned my lesson…always wash dyed fabric items seperately. Your bed looks so cozy. Did you do your headboard yourself? I'd love a tutorial if so. :)


  4. I am so surprised we have not run into each other at Homesense – I was just looking at the map you have on your table on Saturday! I have dyed & pulled out too bright colour (light bleach careful timing)


  5. I dyed the slipcovers on a pair of “as-is” chairs from IKEA. That was 3 years ago…and they're still looking good!

    One tip to help dye hold…dry the item. Then soak it in a solution of water and vinegar. (Don't know proportions, but at least a whole bottle of vinegar in a bucket of water is good.) It helps make the dye colorfast.


  6. I've dyed two “as is” slipcovered chairs from IKEA. That was 3 years ago…and they still look good.

    Tip to help keep dyes colorfast: soak the newly dyed item (after it's dried) in a solution of vinegar and water for an hour or two. The vinegar helps lock in the color. I'd use a big bottle of vinegar with a full bucket or sink of water.


  7. Love the dye color!
    We just bought a house and have to get new cabinets for the kitchen and custom cabinets are not in our budget. Any advice on purchasing cabinets from ikea?


  8. Love the dye color!
    We just bought a house and have to get new cabinets for the kitchen and custom cabinets are not in our budget. Any advice on purchasing cabinets from ikea?


  9. Love the dye color!
    We just bought a house and have to get new cabinets for the kitchen and custom cabinets are not in our budget. Any advice on purchasing cabinets from ikea?


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