Beauty Product Reviews

YAY! I finally got Youtube to cooperate (I am really, truly computer challenged guys). I thought I would save myself some typing but actually caused a lot of extra work and heartache in the end so I hope you like it. Maybe someday soon I’ll have some mad editing skills and create little cinematic masterpieces, but for now let’s just chat about some of my recent beauty experiences.
In the event the embedded video doesn’t work, here is the link.
Here is the close up of all the products I “like” (some are down right loved) for anyone interested. And be sure to let me know if you have any questions about the products!

Love, Peace and Tanning lotion my friends.
Beauty Product Reviews

10 thoughts on “Beauty Product Reviews

  1. I have got to try that Garnier stuff! That is EXACTLY what I've been searching for. I'm so over powder and would love a natural dewey look for summer!

    Thanks girl!

    Mallory @ Classy Clutter


  2. First time commenting, but I love the video blog! I find searching YouTube for good product reviews to be overwhelming, and I much prefer watching someone whose “voice” and style I've grown to trust and admire! Thank you!

    Valerie (Birmingham, Alabama)


  3. Thanks girls!

    Mallory, tell me how it works for you, everyone I know who has bought it LOVES it.

    I feel the same way Valerie, where to start, who to watch, ahhh! the choices are endless.


  4. Loved this post! I'm in the process of revamping my stash right now and just bought another moisturizer by Garnier that I love. I was going to head back to the store to look for something with a little color and now I know what to look for! Thanks =)


  5. Thanks for the recommendations! There are way too many choices in the cosmetics section, so I appreciate your input. I bought the eye shadow today and I love it! I got the last one (at Wal Mart) so it must be good! The colors are great and I love the packaging!


  6. I love these types of videos too!! I also tried that gold tube mascara and after two days I threw it in trash!! lol! It was horrible!! I love the the BB cream too! Thanks for the recommendations!! I added them to my shopping list! ;)


  7. I have used the physicians formula “Mineral Wear” it unfortunately turned my skin a weird bluish colour making my face look like someone punched me! It was due to the crappy little brush with turquoise tips….oh dear! basically I ditched the brush and used the product which is quite lovely…even though it does contain titanium dioxide;)


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