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crafting, Garden. Kitchen May 10, 2012
My Mom wanted to do some succulent planters of her own so we had a little afternoon crafting session this week. Not to be one left on the side line, I picked up some faux orchids this past weekend while out shopping with a girlfriend. I really think that succulents and orchids are the 2 easiest plants to get away with going the faux route. Gotta love not worrying about who’s gonna water your plants when you’re on holiday!
I decided to spiffy up my “trophies”.
Mid afternoon crafting at Mom’s.
I also did a mini project with the yellow bucket you (will see it in a post next week involving our laundry room which I’ve given a mini update to), but I thought that the trophies needed a little something to add some height to our kitchen.
One of my Mom’s mini succulent urns.
She has been working on updating her kitchen seating area and once  I finish a dining room table for her I’ll give you all the details. It is looking really cute!
The trophies are real winners now! I did one big stem in the white one (found for $6.99 at Home Sense) and another smaller white stem ($7) in the silver trophy. The smaller one had 3 branches so I trimmed it down to look like 2 growing out of the dirt. The base plant for the bigger one was something I picked up years ago for another planter at Chintz & Co. (I think it was about $6)
The trophies also came from HomeSense a few weeks ago. They were each $16, a far cry from the cost of real antique versions!
I didn’t realize how much impact the height would have on the whole visual in the kitchen but it is simply amazing! I may have to lend them to lexington for a little while for the mantle because I could really see them looking stunning in there with the 12 ft ceilings.
What kinds of projects have been keeping you busy? I am always looking for a good time killer LOL.

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  1. missgucio says on May 10, 2012

    I have bought the same trophies and wanted to plant orchids, never got the chance to actually do it as we are moving to a new house in couple of months.
    I have same head board from HS. :)


  2. Holly and Sean says on May 11, 2012

    Congrats Lisa, she is gorgeous!!

    Ashlyn, that is officially awesome, thanks so much for the inspiration.

    Good luck with the move MissGucio!


  3. Michele says on May 13, 2012

    Hi ~~ You are so creative and talented and such an inspiration to me. Happy Mother's Day ~

    You would totally make my day if you followed me too~



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