Weekly Lexington Update

We are almost at the finish line guys! I could not be more thrilled with how it has all come together in the last week. I took these photos on Saturday and even today it looks like night and day since then so I expect I’ll be updating you again mid week as it nears completion. 
The painters are going hard today and if you have been inundated with progress shots on Instagram I really apologize, I can’t help myself!! 
View from the living room up to the dining room/kitchen. I can’t believe how much larger and brighter the room is without the dividing wall in the kitchen and the open stairs.
My more substantial mantle looks really fresh with all the marble on now (thanks Dad!). When the grey goes up on the walls I think it will really tie together nicely with our rustic/grey wood floors.
Close up or those new floors! I wish I would have seen these before we did ours because I am just a teeny tiny but obsessed with them. 
Kitchen time! I will instagram a few more shots of this today because it already looks so different now that the crown is up and the backsplash is grouted. I found a stack of penny round tiles at my tile supplier and he said they were overages from another order he needed to clear out so I got a smoking deal on them for $4/ft. I am glad price swayed me because I honestly had more trouble deciding over the backsplash then any other element in Lexington. 
The honed black granite counters are so out of character for me, but I know they were the right choice. I think it looks really stark next to the white right now, but with the black island and appliances in place it will make sense.
New window casings and sink is up and running! It looks off center here, but it is right in the middle of the window now to give some symmetry. 
Our itsy bitsy powder room. I went with grey vanities from Home Depot (part of Martha’s line) and I have to say they are a great value. $400 for sink and base!
Newly opened up stairs. Carpet wasn’t my first choice, but budget and time determined that and it did end up being a good match to our other tile and wood floors.
Upstairs bath just needs the new lighting, paint and mirror! 
The tub tile was super cheap by just doing simple 6×6 white squares. I got it all for $60 and then spent another $40 buying 4  squares of marble mosaic tiles that I got on sale for $10/ft. I then had the installers cut the mosiac tiles into strips to create the band around the surround about 2/3 up the wall. It gives a a little pop of texture and elevates the look of my super cheap tiles!
Master bedroom just needs paint! Did I mention how much I love the floors? Oh yeah, I did? Well I really love them. Like LOVE them.
Now I am headed to go back and see to a few details then pick out my appliances! By this time next week it will be all done and we’ll be furnishing it to get it ready for sale~

Weekly Lexington Update

15 thoughts on “Weekly Lexington Update

  1. I love it! I would buy any home decorated by you in a heartbeat, too bad I live two hours away-too long of a commute! Can't wait to see the finished product. And not to be creepy (I like to think of it as more funnyish) when ever we come to the city I am always on the lookout for you, so if you hear a woman screaming when you're out shopping one day-it's probably me! lol


  2. Deena! You need to come visit girl!!

    Lizzie, I got them at Tile Town, they are so great there. I go to them for everything.

    Rebecca, Thanks so much! When I am covered in drywall dust and have plaster under all my nails it couldn't feel slower! But I do have a wonderful team that I am definitely bringing back here to finish some of my odds and ends at home.


  3. Hi Holly, I feel like I've asked five times and I can't remember which posts I asked on so I apologize if you already did. Where did you get the floors/ or rather what brand/color/finish are they? I am in love! I so appreciate any assistance you can provide with that, we are just about to get ready deciding what to do here in Virginia Beach! -Tasha


  4. Hi Holly, I checked the first three posts and didn't see any info on the finish/brand of the wood floors, would you mind posting? Thanks again :)


  5. Hi Tasha, I reposted right above this comment again for anyone interested. We got them at Tmber town (all their floors are made strictly for them). But I did see similar finishes at Lowes in the special order section. Hope that helps!


  6. Holly I'm so impressed! Everything looks amazing! I can see your vision and it will be sold in no time! Love how the paint will just tie all the loose ends together and makes it so real! I love when the paint process finally comes! Can't wait to see finished pics!


  7. I'm reading and trying to get what's going on…just had to put in my 2cents. I love all of it. I'm bookmarking u for future ref. What great ideas…


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