Home made whipped cream

cooking June 13, 2012
I don’t think I could possibly imagine a world without whipped cream. Good old fashioned, home made whipped cream only please! It makes anything you pair it with just a little more decadent, and I love that just by adding something so simple can elevate any fruit to dessert status. 
{ my coffee break is a little sweeter today }
I know some people prefer their whipped cream stiff, but I like mine fluffy but a little velvety. 
{ I could eat it all… seriously }
{ our staple summer snack }
With the whole Summer stretching out before us I think I need to try some new and exciting ways to enjoy my whipped cream fixation.
{ flavored whip cream: Yes Please! }
{ whipped cream instead of icing? }
{ how delicious does this strawberry shortcake look! }
{ adults only, cookies and cream shots }
{ pistachio shots you had me at ‘sprinkles’ }
Have a great recipe that features whipped cream? 
Please Share!

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  1. Missa says on June 13, 2012

    Oh wow. I want to pin every picture you included. (And eat lots of whipped cream too, of course)


  2. Restyled Vintage says on June 13, 2012

    The first thing I thought of with whipped cream was Pavlova…do you guys do that up there? I am a New Zealander living in Australia and both countries like to lay claim as the inventor of this dessert, but of course I know it was the Kiwis that made it first!


  3. foggogs says on June 13, 2012

    I have an ISI whipped creamer and it does all the work for you. I just pour in the whipping cream, add vanilla, and just a teaspoon of sugar (i am eating primal so the sugar is a no no) put on a new cartridge, twist it on and pull the handle for the best whipped cream ever. It is so easy. My kids love it too!


  4. Jennifer says on June 13, 2012

    Your pics are beautiful and look yummy! I have 2 recipes that I LOVE..Mint Icebox Cake. Choc Wafers layered with fresh whipped cream, sugar and a dash of mint extract. Fridge for a few hours andyou have a yummy cake. I also make an eton mess..fresh whipped cream, sugar, crushed raspberries, crushed vanilla meringue cookies and mix. Serve in a pretty glass topped with some rasberries. ENJOY!!


  5. cred says on June 13, 2012

    yum! these all look so delicious. I am weaning myself off dairy (still looking for some substitutes) and use coconut milk for my coffee. I noticed that the cream thickens in the frig and thought that it could be a good whipped cream sub.
    Thanks for the vegan whipped cream link- gonna try this coconut cream version!


  6. Mindi says on June 13, 2012

    Oh my goodness- those nectarine slices with the whipped cream are mouthwatering! Such a great post! Actually, ALL your posts are great- (I don't know what I was thinkin!) :)


  7. cred says on June 13, 2012

    Okay, after speculating about coconut milk as whipped cream for weeks, your post spurred me to try it. I used the directions from familyfreshcooking you linked and it worked beautifully.
    I am now enjoying a cup of coffee with whipped coconut cream & sprinkled with cinnamon! I feel fancy!
    thanks for the inspiration


  8. Holly and Sean says on June 13, 2012

    Foggogs I actually have one too! I just can't find the replacement cartridges here :(

    Cred, I am Super intrigued by you coconut milk now (I love anything coconut, specially M&M's) so I am gonna give it a whirl. Thanks so much!


  9. Holly and Sean says on June 13, 2012

    Restyled vintage, I am going to find out about you Aussie treat! Sounds delish.

    Jennifer you sold me with the word mint. Sounds perfect for summer. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Black Swan says on June 13, 2012

    I know it doesn't sound that exciting, but mixing whipped cream with chocolate (or vanilla) pudding makes a great replacement for icing, especially for light summer cakes and desserts!


  11. laxsupermom says on June 13, 2012

    Yum! I like my whipped cream with mascarpone cheese whipped into it. Perfect with strawberries. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.


  12. Rebecca says on June 14, 2012

    My mom always made “frozen yogurt pie” growing up and I love it! Beat up some whipping cream and sweeten to your liking and mix in 2 containers of yogurt and some frozen fruit (I love blackberry or raspberry) then just pour into a graham cracker crust. Freeze for a couple hours and you're set. If it's in the freezer for longer you will want to let it sit out to soften a bit before eating.


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