Lexington Sneak Peek-tures

The painters packed up their drop clothes and brushes about 30 minutes ago and I have one final evening of staging in the living room. 
Then it’s all over!
Hard to believe it has only been 10 weeks. But at the same time it’s been a long 10 weeks. My house is a wreck, my laundry is piled miles high and I have weeks of paper work, emails and general organizing to catch up on. 
But this has been the single most rewarding, fun and exciting job I’ve ever done. And I can’t wait to reveal all our work on Friday (sorry to my instagram peeps, I know I told you Wednesday, but I promise I’ll have some extra shots tomorrow on the feed). 
I promise to share all the source info and details on Friday in my post.
{ But until then, here are a few sneak peek-tures }
{ wall papered entry }
{ almost there kitchen }
I probably won’t be posting tomorrow, but be sure to stop back on Thursday for our drop cloth tassle tutorial!
~ Adios Amigos ~
Lexington Sneak Peek-tures

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