My Favorite Rug

I overlooked the necessity of area rugs for many years. I longed for a house that had wood floors from top to bottom and the freedom to finally kick my old vacuum to the curb for so long that I didn’t appreciate the jobs an area rug performs. 
Then Wren came around and the idea of area spending hard earned cash on something so likely to have grapes smushed into it, milk spilled on it seemed awfully frivolous. Good thing Ikea exists, because our big, cavernous living room dining room needs warmth and separation of spaces, things an area rug does beautifully.

I have a specific rug I am saving up for that will grace my floor long after the doll strollers have stopped rolling around and all impromptu living room based craft sessions have ceased. But that is a LONG time away and I like immediate gratification!

So in comes the Erslev rug at Ikea

The thing is, and those of you with little ones already know, rugs are the absolute first things to show wear. And white rugs show it tenfold. So I need to be able to wash my rugs every so often. Problem is, dry cleaning rugs is expensive and big rugs don’t fit in the wash machine. So I had to make a small design concession. I know that this idea will polarize people, some will like it, some will HATE it. But I am kind of feeling spectacular about it so here it goes…
I bought 2 rugs and overlapped them to look like a bigger one. You see, the Erslev is only $39, but far to small for a big room, and so overlapping gets me the coverage I want and the ease of washing still.
I toyed with going for hemp like in the dining room, but I wanted to differentiate the spaces so going with a similar rug seemed pointless.
The overlap is somewhat noticeable from above, but not at ground level. And $78 worth of rug for a room this size seems insanely reasonable!
It definitely makes me feel the space is more defined and has given me a boost to get this room done. I have 2 changes I still want to make which I will be sharing tomorrow, but I feel like it is becoming my happy place.
{ a BIG thanks to a lovely local reader named Shelby who was super duper beyond sweet and gave me her grandmothers old stereo! I LOVE it Shelby!! }
So what is the consensus on my overlapping rugs, HATE it, LOVE it? 
( I am sure true design disciples will be cringing right now, but welcome to the world of real world, lived in design!)
My Favorite Rug

22 thoughts on “My Favorite Rug

  1. I did this same thing with two flat-weave rugs from Pottery Barn Kids for my daughters' play room. We frequently shake them out, flip them over or throw them in the wash for a quick freshening up. As much as I would've loved a huge rug for the room, two 5x7s worked just fine and they still look good as new :).


  2. i think your idea to overlap them is clever. i also think you could come up with a cute way to make it look even more intentional—i'm imagining something with your torn bedsheets used as laces to loosely “sew” them together or something.

    anyway, yay you!! looks great!


  3. I think overlapping the rugs was a great idea! I often have to come up with decorating ideas that will give me the look I want, but be friendly to my budget. If tripping on the overlap is a problem you could always sew Velcro to each rug to keep them together, this would allow you to still be able to separate them for washing. I absolutely love your decor!


  4. I think it's a great idea and may try it myself. I love the price and IKEA. I have a similar issue with spending a lot of money on area rugs but my issue is with my beloved pets. I just discovered your blog and love it. I'll spend more time with it as soon as I can. I'm in the middle of re-organizing. :)! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful photos, btw. – Diana


  5. In my daughters room I loosely sewed many ikea rugs together with wide satin ribbon in a contrasting colour. Looks custom and everyone comments on how great it looks. I never used to admit I come up with the design but now I admit it and even brag…a little. Easily comes apart to wash the rugs and I can change the ribbon when ever I wish or it gets dirty.


  6. i actually have the same rug, but it's a bigger size? so probably would be equal to what your 2 overlap rugs does — I wonder why IKEA doesn't carry it in Canada? It's about $70, I think..

    It's still “small” enough to fit into my washer and dryer.


  7. Obviously the world won't end with overlapped rugs but it seems your rug already has a stain and stands out alot until it's next wash…I would have used the same IKEA jute rug as the dining room..the bare wood floor would divide the eating/living room area just fine and look more unified. The room looks like it just has to much plain white going on in there.


  8. I think it is a practical idea, as I would want to be able to wash it on a regular basis, my only concern would be little ones tripping on it . I love floor rugs, but Im not able to use them as my hubby is in a wheelchair, so Im always wary of kids and elderly tripping on them.


  9. It looks wonderful – I love seeing the entire room and all that you've done with your accessories. I would have never noticed they were overlapped & I think the idea is genius. Your taste has no mistakes in my book! Love love love the white. IT's truly an inspiration.


  10. You are a genius when it comes to great style without breaking the bank, and since I am in the market for a large rug, I am doubly grateful for this post. I NEVER would have thought of this idea, and I LOVE it! Again…you are a genius with great taste which is why I read your blog. God bless you and THANKS! Ü


  11. I have the giant erslev and get frustrated that I can't wash it, except with a bucket and brush out on my patio! I think I might be making an Ikea run for two smaller ones – the ease of washing makes it so worth it!


  12. Holly, I'm an interior decorator and I put two rugs together in my family room/play room. I have two small children and spills happen. It's a fact of life. my mantra has always been design for real life.


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