Office Art

Sometimes the best things are free (or very close to it).
{ a little inspiration to keep me focused }
While tackling an overdue photo shoot of my office (the only finished room I don’t have a link for on my renos page) I was struck with a little fit of craft-mania! I have a very very blank wall on one side of the office that I had struggled with how to add a little punch of fun and whimsy over the last few years. It all started with my bin of remnant fabrics. I really only buy fabric when I have specific crafts or projects in mind so I don’t have a lot of any single fabric, but just enough to cover this project entirely without having to spend any money.
The only money spent was on a few embroidery hoops that I rounded up over the last few months at garage and tag sales for less than $1 each (most were ten to twenty five cents). I have seen countless adorable images using embroidery hoops as decor so even though I didn’t know when or where they would end up I thought they were a worthwhile thing to collect at the right price.
{ I have no idea what happened to this image while watermarking it, but the black line is an unintentional oopsie! }
To make the letters I free handed an outline based off some antique stamps I had, but you can stencil or trace any letter by printing them and cutting them out. 
My letters all laid out. It might be a good idea to use some no-sew type glue, but I just winged it.
I used the same fabric for all my letters, but different colors of embroidery thread to sew them on to the hoops.
{ a good reminder to keep reaching for the stars }
I have one more mini art project I did as well that I will share this week!
And don’t worry, I haven’t forgot my ask away vlog!!  I am aiming to have all your answers posted this week once the video is done being edited.
Cheerio, friends!
Office Art

16 thoughts on “Office Art

  1. I have been collecting embroidery hoops for some time now and have been looking for a project. I love the look of embroidery but I'm not sure I could tackle a big project. This is perfect! Thanks!


  2. so fun. i am telling you pinterst is the best worst thing to ever happen! best because its just amazing. and worst because all i want to do is PIN. i have no time to grocery shop! i need to pin!! ha :)


  3. Sorry it looks cheezy. I would rather look at a blank wall. it looks like the crafts kids do at summer camp. I am being totally honest. You have a great looking house and this look is not you. Find a vintage map, family pics but not that!!


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