You asked, I answered!

Hey Guys! I’ve been trying to get this up for a couple days now, but I think I’ve established myself as the least capable youtuber of ALL time. I officially suck and ended up just posting the whole, unedited, poorly lit, never ending ramble in it’s entirety. I managed to blow my 10 minute goal right out of the water, but what can I say? I’m a girl who loves to chat!
Cue the broadway music…
If you were one of the few people who asked about whether I work out, I now realize I completely skipped that answer in my video so here is the details. My workout is that I run around like a chicken with my head cut off most days and realize around 9pm that I haven’t sat down all day except to check emails or blog. When it feel like I’ve been particularly indulgent with my snacks I do get into a spinning routine for about 10 days. I feel like in 10 days I can see a lot of results from spinning for about 40 minutes a day and I do this 2 to 3 times a year, but for the most part I don’t have a routine.
As mentioned in the video here are a few links, { this one } will show you my favorite shade of blue paint. And { this one } will take you wayyyy back to Wren’s birth post!
Thanks to Sausha at Sweet Pickins, Bethany fom In This Crazy Life, and Sarah from Cozy.Cottage.Cute for doing some sharing on their blogs as well!!! It is so fun to get to know some of the faces that pop by here a little better (feels more like we’re besties, actually!). If you happened to do a similar post just leave a comment below with a link address so we can all get to know you better as well.
Have a super happy day my daisies!
You asked, I answered!

23 thoughts on “You asked, I answered!

  1. i know a superficial question that i am always curious about. You never seem to wear wedding rings. What do they look like? Let's see the bling! I'm always curious because you have such unique style!


  2. Love your video Holly! You have such a great personalty and I am sure you are so great to be around in person! Keep the videos coming! I loved your makeup video too. Maybe in the future you can do a hair tutorial? You have such pretty brains and updos. More makeup/ beauty product videos too.

    Also, a home tour for your home and Lexington would be a fun video:)

    Enjoy your week!


  3. Melissa, you have hawk eyes girl! You're right, I don't often wear my rings (neither does Sean actually). I do have a pic on instagram a couple moths back (one of my first) that has my rings. Sean did good and went with a super duper skinny band with a 1carat princess cut diamond. Very simple yet elegant.


  4. Kelly, you know you and Madison are two of our oldest efriends! We need to have an international meet up LoL.

    I did promise to do a Lexington video so I promise it will happen before I sell!


  5. Too funny – I forgot I even asked the question about clothes. I hope it didn't seem bratty, as I never could blame a gal for liking cute clothes. Mostly it's just interesting to see where people like to splurge and save, especially when they are so interested in fashion, interior design, etc. Thanks for answering!


  6. TwentyEight, not bratty at all! I am a walking contradiction most days so it was a totally valid question.

    Megan, your going to love this, it came from forever 21! $13 on sale baby. I bought it about 2 months ago but saw some on the sale racks still about 2 weeks ago (I didn't look but it may be online still). hope you chase one down!


  7. You are so beautiful Holly! I have always thought that, though. Great video! I was curious about a potential baby, but I remember long, long ago that you wanted Wren to be much older. So, she can start pre-school/pre-K even though she isn't four? I feel like Cameron is ready for that sort of thing, but he will have to wait until next fall, when he's 4 going on 5 to enroll in pre-k.


  8. You are amazing! Love the vlog and all the answers. And glad to see someone asked about your ring in the comments I've often wondered if you wear one.


  9. Us says:

    Thanks Holly! I've followed you for a couple of years now and have refinished a few pieces myself now!

    I've noticed there have been a few times you lost blogs due to technical problems. I've had the same problem and finally started typing my blogs in a Word/Pages document or on a Stickie first. Then I never lose it! Just copy/paste and add pictures!

    Thanks for the inspiration! I now have a grey/white nursery and lots of white furniture throughout the house!


  10. Thank you for the video, it is so nice to actually see a blogger you love reading. Too bad about your numerous attempts to upload the next instalment of Paint Perfection. I do however have one question I would love for you to answer: Do you spray the water based semi-gloss Verathane top coat with your paint gun? I bought a gun and I'm nervous to use Verathane in it. Thanks


  11. Leslie!! How is Wren's boyfriend, Cam??
    She could start pre-k last year here, but I felt that was too much school at a young age. She is going to go Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9-11 this fall, so still not too much. I am mainly doing it so she can have more social experience with kids her age. And she is thrilled to go!


  12. Marci, I do use the sprayer! But I've only done it with Verathane brand. Be cautious if you are using something different because I haven't tried other kinds.

    Thanks again for sharing 24 minutes with me guys!!!!


  13. Loved the video!

    My question of course has to do with the painting series, what is the last step? How do you seal everything up? I am about to take on an old kitchen set (well I am making it a set) and am dying to know the best way to finish everything.

    Wren is precious by the way. I love how she interacts with the camera!



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