My mini Summer beauty update

Hey guys, was a little bored and whipped up this video last week. I now realize I accidentally turned off the HD setting so sorry it is not very crisp… but I haven’t had time to go back and refilm. I like winging it anyhow, feels more like a conversation than a speech. 
As I mentioned before, I’m a rambler so apologies in advance (again) for the word vomit.
And another apology for the exposed tummy, my buttons were not cooperating either… 
Seems like I have covered all my apologies, so let’s get down to it, shall we?
I am working on our Lexington video tour as well,  but if you have any suggestions for vlogs or blogs leave them in my ‘comment box’ 
Have a wonderful Tuesday my cookies!
My mini Summer beauty update

12 thoughts on “My mini Summer beauty update

  1. I know you don't do it as much anymore but I would love for you to share a little of the nitty gritty about the furniture flipping business. I've just got mine rolling and it feels like I'm being pulled in a million different directions. Between trying to answer craigs list emails, arranging times for people to come and buy and trying to actually get work done with two little ones at home. Like is there a method to your madness? Did you limit yourself to answer emails just once a day? And with the furniture did you collect a batch- prime one day, paint one day, seal one day? How did you handle the “flow” of production?

    WOO sorry that was a ton of questions. I just feel like I'm wasting soooo much time trying to get the hang of things.
    Happy Tuesday & thank you for the inspiration!


  2. I've never tried a 3 barrel iron, but will be shopping for one thanks to your video. Would be helpful if you mention the active ingredients in your fave skincare products as well. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Very cute! I'm so glad you talked about your hair because I was wondering the whole way through if you got that look by braiding! haha Now I'm really interested in a primer which I have never used before. May have to go out and get some. Is there any way you could make a list of the products you featured today? It was really hard to see the labeling and packaging on them. Thanks!


  4. I love the Nautical Slate Blue and Cream Striped Pillow, and paired with the Nautical Navy Blue Hand Painted Anchor On Cream Pillow. They are all so lovely!


  5. I just happened to have ran out of my zit cream so I purchased the Acne Free Terminator 10. you were right. overnight! totally took away the redness! Thanks for sharing your recommendations.

    Liz McNeil


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