Shopping my own home

I am notorious for not unpacking. It is one of my dirty little secrets… we can go on holiday and two months later the items I don’t use daily will still be sitting in the suitcase on a chair in my closet. My most embarrassing evidence of this trait is the 4 boxes of random office items/books and papers that are STILL fully packed up in a corner of the basement from our last house (which we moved out of 4 years ago!!!). Not cool, but on my giant to do list these things usually rank near the bottom.
I made a little personal pact with myself that I wouldn’t pull these shenanigans with all the stuff coming home from Lexington. Mainly, the more stuff I took over there the more I realized I could use a little more fluff and filler in my own house. But also, why stuff such fun, beautiful stuff in bags in the basement? 
So I’ve been a busy little bee, feeling like I just went on a mini shopping spree! No major changes, just little additions to add some warmth and color for Fall.
Think I found the new wall color for in here!! Can’t wait to get it up on the walls.
The sheets have all gone back to warm, cream linens. I LOVED the crisp contrast the navy bedding had for Spring/Summer but want the familiar, softness of all white for the coming Winter months.
This $30 clearance TJ Maxx mirror went from one foyer to another. As many of you on instagram know, I am thrilled to bring in the pros to finally finish up our stairs with wood. I think we’ve made a wise decision, after nearly two years later we just aren’t making it happen. I am hopefully they will be done before Winter.
The mirror picks up all the blues from my ‘ship wall’ (which has grown by 2 since this photo!). Once the foyer is ‘done’ I think it *may* just be my favorite part of the house. I was sold on the house 15 seconds after walking in just because of the foyer, it has always made me so happy to walk through the door every day.
I just have to share my funny little guy photobombing my shot! He’s perfected the innocent look, but I know he was being a rascal.
Stay tuned later today for the winner of our SaSea pillow giveaway!!
Shopping my own home

12 thoughts on “Shopping my own home

  1. We had the hardwood on our stairs professionally installed this summer and it was worth every penny, and only took a few days! We absolutely love it :) Can't wait to see the reveal of your stairs/foyer!


  2. This made me smile to realize I'm not alone – I HATE unpacking so much and I too will leave my suitcase unpacked for a month upon returning home. It drives my husband batty! :)


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