Things That Make Me Happy

{ homegrown snacks }
My Mom bought Wren a tomato plant at the start of the Summer and for the last few months Wren has been a wonderful little gardener. I am sad I can’t enjoy the fruits of her labor with her (tomato allergy), but cherry tomatoes have become her go-to snack the past 3 weeks. 
{ a little good luck }
they say it takes 90% hard work and 10% good luck to be successful. If that’s true than it doesn’t hurt to have a horse shoe hanging around! Wren and I made this one as part of our wedding gift to my cousin Jocelyne and her new husband Kyle who got married this past weekend. It was especially fitting since the Bride came riding down the aisle on her horse, Ben!
{ the dollar store }
I hadn’t been in a dollar store in years until just this past year when Wren developed an insatiable appetite for balloons. But they have some pretty amazing finds in there! Our next batch of cupcakes will be extra cute with these dollar store cupcake liners.
{ pencil crayons }
I am so happy to be transitioning out of crayons in our house!!! No more broken crayons, little shreds of paper from taking the wrappers off, etc. 
{ salt bowls }
These tiny little plates are so dainty and cute! I found the stack of them for a couple quarters and they make perfect little jewellery dishes. I haven’t put much thought into other possible uses, but I have no doubt they will be spotted around the house in different ways.
These are just a few of the things making me smile today.
What is making you happy?
Things That Make Me Happy

9 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Sunshine today is making me so so so happy – Im about to burst.

    Its been a long grey wet winter downunder and this is one of the very first bursts of spring – OMG it is good

    a happy day to you to Holly xx


  2. YOUR BLOG makes me happy; i begin my day reading my favorite blogs EARLY in the morning. You are adorable and even the name of your blog brings a SMILE. Happy Day TO YOU.
    Blessings, Lesa


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