5 years

Hard to believe that it has been 5 years since we walked down the aisle. Even harder to believe is that we have been together for 10! Sometimes you just know.

I love that he still surprises me in the most random ways, like adding this to our address when he ordered cheques last winter. I am sure the teller thought it was the cheesiest thing ever, but I love it. It really is the little things.
thanks for working so hard, being such a great dad, making me laugh and so much more.

if you are curious as to just how much we’ve aged in the last 5 years just go check out our wedding post. Babies I tell you!
5 years

13 thoughts on “5 years

  1. Babies?!? I don't think either of you look any different. In addition to being the 'happiest couple ever' you also seem to have discovered eternal youth! Such beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing with all of us and Happy Anniversary!


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