Want to be seen?

I am sure I don’t say it enough, but I want to shout it from the mountain tops that we LOVE our sponsors!!! 

I always have a sponsor special right before the holidays, and this year is no different. In fact it is the best price you’ll see all year if you are interesting in getting more exposure for your blog or small business.

Please keep in mind that this special is ONLY open to fellow bloggers and small businesses! Need help coming up with a link image? I am happy to help.
If you are interested in getting set up or have a few questions simply drop me an email at inthefunlane@gmail.com

THANKS AGAIN to all our fantastic sponsors. Show them all a little love by saying hello when you have a chance.

Want to be seen?

2 thoughts on “Want to be seen?

  1. The updates are coming Jen! Right now we are just finishing up new ducts, plumbing and wiring so nothing looks different, but a lot of action should be happening soon that will look like we have actually made progress!


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