Tied Up

Besides greenery, my go-to staple for holiday decorating has been ribbon. I clipped out out a Michael’s coupon for 50% off last week and grabbed a 10 meter roll for $1.99. And that $1.99 has been the gift that just keeps giving.


I’ve said it a hundred times, Keep It Simple is my motto. It’s cool how such a small touch as a little ribbon can pop when you keep all other things to a minimum too.



Little pops of red are showing up in random corners and on unsuspecting victims.


It doesn’t have to be fancy ribbon, intricately tied or anything complicated. Sometimes simple is just the best way.

Now I need to go find more things to tie my little bows on… au revior!

Tied Up

10 thoughts on “Tied Up

  1. Hello! First off–I just LOVE your decor. Very similar to my home/taste probably why I adore it ;] In any event, I was curious to know how you achieved the finish on the slatted table below the hanging skeleton lamps? Hopefully you didn't buy it that way so you can let me know! Was it a wash? Layers of paint & sanding? I have a pedestal occasional table in an unfinished barn wood color that I'd like to put a bit of a white wash on like the table in your post. Many thanks!!


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