Something Small I’m Cooking Up

I have been slowly working on something for the last month. You all know I love to collect, the cooler the objects the more I want them, even if I don’t need or have room for them.

{ a beautiful, soft pile of vintage handmade blankets }

My latest obsession came about when I stumbled upon this beauty a few weeks ago. It is an amazingly big and soft afghan that has a black/white/grey chevron pattern. I’m sure whomever made this baby had no idea that chevrons would be so big and the fact it was in such neutral colors struck me as unusual. I always pictured afghans to be horrible shades of brown and avocado for some reason…

But once I started comparing it to others, I couldn’t believe how beautiful and special each blanket was. I wanted ALL of them!! But of course, I don’t need any of them. So my mom and I came up with the idea to start a little online shop selling handmade vintage blankets. And that is how my latest adventure came about. I’ve decided to call it Hey, Oyster. It may sound silly, but it is an homage to the fact that each blanket is a unique treasure, much like a pearl. Oh yeah, and purl is a knitting term that I had no idea existed until this whole scheme started cooking but I like that it plays into Oyster nicely. 

I remember when we decorated Wren’s nursery it was a major stroke of luck that my mom had saved many of my baby blankets and they just so happened to be blue. In the spirit of reduce, recycle, reuse more families are making it a priority to find pre-loved, yet original products for their children (or themselves), so I am thrilled to have a little place where there is a fun rainbow of colors to choose from to match whatever look they are after. 

I have found soooo many little gems, I know it is going to be hard to part with them but I will be happy seeing them go on to new, equally loving families. It may be another week or so until the site goes live, but I cannot wait to share it with you.

Cheers to new adventures and new endeavors in 2013!
Something Small I’m Cooking Up

16 thoughts on “Something Small I’m Cooking Up

  1. These are beautiful!My Mom has been making these for years and I never really appreciated them until the last 10 years.
    I collect them myself don't need them have no place for them but I collect them.
    Love the Chevron Pattern too! Where is your online Shop going to be and is it open yet?
    Thanks for sharing~Cheers Kim


  2. LOVE the name, it's really clever and cute :) And the logo is gorgeous…. what a fantastic idea, I don't have the patience to search through thrift shops to find stuff like this so i will be very excited when your shop opens up yay!


  3. I can't wait to see what you have. I collect old quilts, blankets, chenille quilts etc and I'm always looking for something that will suit me.. I love your style so I know it is going to be perfect. Good luck.


  4. This is SUCH a fun and cool idea – especially doing it with your Mom!! A few years ago I was admitted to the hospital to spend the remainder of my pregnancy with our twins. While there I learned the art of crocheting and have since made each of my 3 babies a blanket. I've heard knitting is much more difficult, but I can certainly appreciate the detail and time taken to each blanket. Best of luck to you girls! On an unrelated note, mind if I ask where you got that adorable top you're wearing in the photo with the mint bead necklace? It's adorable and I've been looking for a top like that for a while! ~Chelsea


  5. Thank you so much everyone!! I am more excited about the fact that everyone but myself doesn't find them granny-ish.
    Chelsea, that is so sweet and special for your babies to know mom made something for them. I am sure one day they will realize how much work it takes. The top in that photo is by Rebecca Taylor. It is from last year but you will soon see all her tops are equally romantic. She has great sales on her site for 70% off quite frequently and inam sure eBay has some items at better prices too.


  6. Can't wait to see the shop! We have a love for them in our house too, can't leave a thrift store without one. Please please keep your eyes out for a chevron one for me! I've been searching for one and they must be highly sought after.


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