Rocking Out

Our kitchen reading nook is a very well used corner. With the little table there I often find Wren working or crafting up something. In the evenings Sean puts his feet up and catches up on emails here and during the day I prefer to do the majority of my blogging/emailing here as well. We have circulated a couple chairs through here, not to mention a big old dresser at one point. It was always good enough for us but I never spent a lot of time or effort on it. 
Being a little winter stir crazy lately I want to jazz it up and get it where I want it to be. There was only one addition I really wanted to make: 
{ an Eames rocker }
It may seem TOTALLY out of character to what you’d expect of me, but the truth is I have wanted one for years. I first wanted one for Wren’s nursery, but decided the nearly $600 price tag was out of my league. Specially with an entire house begging for renovations!
But I always loved the clean lines, specially in contrast to eclectic rooms.
See? Cool, right! 
So I was SUPER DUPER excited to find them on our newest Sponsor, WireHome’s website. And for a fraction of the price I thought they would be. Gotta love supporting Canadian businesses!
I am going to start accessorizing in here, but already it is a great fit.
I am liking the bright white of the chairs in contrast to the grey light, table and dark wood floors. I may move my sea grass and denim Anthro rug up to Wren’s room to find a better sized piece for the room now that nearly all the floors are visible, but I’ll play it by ear.
My favorite thing is that the chrome legs really tie into the kitchen hardware and faucet perfectly, and the white matches the cabinets too.
What do you think? Are you a Herman Miller/eames chair fan?

And please be sure to check out all the amazing goodness over at WireHome!

Rocking Out

13 thoughts on “Rocking Out

  1. Hi Holly!

    I've ordered two replica Eames arm chairs from wirehome (with free shipping!) and they were so great! One of the legs was disproportionate so it wouldn't match up with screws and they sent two replacement legs right way. Then my new puppy chewed three of the legs so they shipped three new ones for $40 free shipping. Great customer service! I'd love a rocker once I have children in a bright colour for a nursery.

    Love your blog!

    from Sudbury, Ontario


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