Real life renovating and our Winner


This has been the scene around here lately. Rooms that usually look so polished and tidy are pulled into a mass of furniture in the center. It isn’t because I am redecorating or rearranging. It is because I am FINALLY tackling some of our outstanding reno items. 

Sean and I are what I refer to as 90 percenters. We bust our butts and get a project 90% done. It is finished enough to get on with life and seems like so little left that you tell yourself you will get around to it soon, but just not right now. Because you are sick of living in a reno zone. So before you know it you have everything back where it belongs and the thought of moving it all again to finish up is awfully unappealing. 

But I saw a truly inspiring quote recently that read
{ Do it RIGHT NOW because later will become never }
So true! I have realized that I don’t want it to become never. Specially when it really isn’t a back breaking amount of work. It is just prioritizing and making it happen. 

So for the past few days I have been going around with my spackle and caulking and painting, finishing baseboard in our bedroom and the kitchen reading nook that were nailed in place years ago but never quite finished. Definitely not rocket science, just tedious and not topping any FUN project lists I’ve ever made. But it feels good to get it done!
I also want to THANK Tailor and Stylist again for their amazing giveaway! Our winner was entry number 31.
Shoot me off an email at when you see this Ashley!! 
(in the event Ashley doesn’t claim her prize I will redraw in 1 week)
Real life renovating and our Winner

11 thoughts on “Real life renovating and our Winner

  1. We are the same way!

    We completely renovated our house to the 90% finish point: crown molding is up on all cabinets, except one row, no kitchen hardware, rooms are painted (but I'm in the process of choosing new colors), but tape and drywall are still showing in some places, new windows are installed and we haven't taken all the stickers off….TWO YEARS LATER.

    I think you get the point! I'm glad to know we aren't alone!

    This is the year that we plan on finishing the details.

    I just posted a full home tour and hope I hid most of those untidy details…

    check it out if you like:


  2. hah…i am still procrastinating on caulking and painting the baseboard in the bathroom…i shall do it when i finally find a not-fugly sink that will fit in that tiny corner =) (which may well be months and months away)


  3. My husband and I are the same way too! We are hoping to take it a little slower this year and not take on so many projects, but that's probably unlikely. LOL.
    Good for you for getting some of those fine details taken care of. It finishes the room nicely.


  4. Guess I have to admit that we are also in the 90% club…lol. Nice to see that you are taking that final step and completing your bedroom. I hope to do that myself next month… now to get it done.


  5. Ahhh! My husband and I are 90%-ers too!! (We seem to like starting new projects before finishing the present one.)Even our kids are on us to finish the trim in the kitchen, the baseboard in the hall, etc. I wrote this quote on the giant blackboard in my dining room, hoping it'll inspire us to finish our projects! Thanks!!


  6. I totally am a 90%-er, too!! I think for me at least it has a lot to do with the fact that the last 10% isn't fun and doesn't make a huge impact! So I normally want to move on to a new project that will really make me say wow. :) I definitely need to list out all my almost completed projects so that I can get to finishing them! :)



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