Open for Business

heyOyster photo heyOyster-1.jpg 
Eeeek! I am kind of nervous, yet all excited at the same time. Today is my first day of business over at my Hey, Oyster etsy store!!!

It took a little longer than I expected or hoped to get set up with all the usual craziness around here but I am so thrilled to finally open the proverbial doors.  I still have a handful of treasures to post, including a pile of ADORABLE handmade vintage children`s sweaters but all in all the majority of my effort is already up. 

 photo _MG_3410_zpsd11abc9c.jpg 
I honestly love each and every treasure for different reasons or different hypothetical furniture they would look great with, but in the end I can`t hoard them all to myself. So this is a way of sharing all the beautiful handmade goodies I find with you. 
 photo _MG_3400_zps1da4596c.jpg 

I have yet to decide whether I will keep cycling through inventory as I find new treasures or if I want to approach it more as a `flash` site that I restock every month or two all at once so let me know what you would prefer.
 photo _MG_3428_zpsa812d422.jpg

And as always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support! I have had some really really touching emails and comments about getting this little venture off the ground.

Open for Business

31 thoughts on “Open for Business

  1. Oh how exciting! Congrats on getting this start :) I just checked out your shop and everything is so lovely! Love the name you chose too ;) Does it have any particular personal connection? Hopefully I can open my own Etsy shop one of these days too….



  2. Thank you thank you thank you ladies!!!
    Summer, I came up with the name because I always feel like each treasure I find is like finding a pearl, plus purl is a knitting term, so it came in a round about way ;)

    Thanks Anne!! <3

    Stacey, thank you for your lovely comments (always). I am looking into for a few ladies as we speak.


  3. How exciting! BTW—the Colorful Striped Blacket is crochet, not knit. As are the Cozy pink and grey striped one, the Purple Squares one, the Cozy pink, mauve and white one, the Teal and Blue Chevron one, and the purple chevron one. :-) Take it from a knitter!


  4. Congrats! And, Wow, what a collection you already have! I would have a lot of trouble parting with them :) Question: (from a thrift store lover like yourself) – how do you know when a knitted blanket is “vintage”??


  5. Congratulations on opening yor shop Holly! I love the name you chose and you've photographed each blanket beautifully. Such a colorful shop! It'll be fun to see the handmade children's sweaters. I am in need of a couple special gifts for children.


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