Valentine’s in our House

 photo _MG_3813_zps24f5cde0.jpg 

It is definitely the season for love here in our little family. I have been rocking head to toe pink this week . Maybe a little dramatic? Maybe a little over the top? probably. But I am tickled pink (hardy har) to have an excuse. (dress and shoes above are from Tailor and Stylist for anyone asking, tights are F21 and headband is my own creation).

Wren and I have been working on her school valentine’s. My mom bought her these adorable Vintage inspired ones and I am finding it hard to hand them over. All throughout the past week we have been doing little surprises daily for each other. Yesterday I picked up a perfectly pink baby cake for Wren (and a chocolate eclair  for her daddy) as my little gift.
 photo _MG_3790_zps8bce8bc0.jpg

And all last week Wren was furiously making these creations out of dollar store paper doilies as her surprises for us. I grabbed three different colors and sizes and she has made infinite combinations out of them by flipping some backwards for lighter pinks or whites and gluing them together.
 photo _MG_3706_zpsa53109fe.jpg 

Together we made a few extra so we’d have enough to go down the entire (yet unifinished) staircase.
 photo _MG_3705_zps5a24b4d9.jpg 

I just clothes pinned them to the garland for an instant art display.
 photo _MG_3702_zps1cefb490.jpg 

Also infinitely useful? my clearance christmas tinsel garland making ANOTHER appearance. That is already 3 times this years guys. Best $1.20 I ever spent.
 photo _MG_3699_zps7646a5ce.jpg 

One of my little surprises for her last week after school was a donut. Of course that’s hardly seasonal.
 photo _MG_3585_zps4f5c7b30.jpg 

But I threw a handful of pink nonpareils on top and set it on a sparkly piece of dollar store paper for a glam placemat and she was thrilled!
 photo _MG_3588_zps49bf208b.jpg 

Hardly revolutionary, but we’ve also been cutting all our food into hearts. Heart pancakes, sandwiches and jello all seem to taste a little better than normal ones in our house… hmmm.
 photo _MG_3242_zps8d232f9a.jpg 

My first little surprise for Sean was a heart over our headboard I quickly whipped up with Washi Tape while he was out buying me some more printer toner on Sunday (he surprised me as well with my favorite latte, definitely a keeper girls).

 photo _MG_3786_zps375362ec.jpg 

But because I am finding it hard to pick just one this year, I wanted to ask all of you:

 photo _MG_3827_zps5ac24e10.jpg

Hope you have a LOVE filled week!!
Valentine’s in our House

14 thoughts on “Valentine’s in our House

  1. cute ideas!!

    Love the font in the heart on the last picture, do you happen to know the name and/or where you got it?? I'm looking for a font like that for my wedding invites.


  2. This is just beautiful! I was never really into holidays very much, until I met my mother in law. She goes OTT for every holiday and I love it! She even has two easter tress. Can you believe it?! I had never even heard of an easter tree and she has two!

    Now I love decorating my house for every holiday and getting right into the spirit. Your blog post made me smile. Amazeballs x


  3. I am soooooo smitten with how you are decorating your house and dressed for Valentine's Day! I think your place could officially be modern cupid's headquarters. In love!


  4. Awwww.. so adorable. My hubby and I aren't big on valentines, although I once sent flowers to his office with a note that said, “I'm Pregnant!” He knew immediately that I was joking, but the flower delivery guy and his coworkers got a kick out of it.


  5. Hi there. I love these valentine's decorations. I'm trying to pin them to pinterest but I'm having a hard time. I've tried pinning other stuff as well other times with no luck. :(


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