It got me

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This is all I wanna do, and today is one of those days. I was sure that cold would hit me sooner or later and it did. My throat aches and my eyes just want to shut. But there are dishes to wash, groceries to buy and blog photos to edit so I am gonna keep on marching. 

Although the beat of my drum will be much slower than usual…

PS- I updated my favorite links to share some of my newest favorite blogs, be sure to check out the new faces and get inspired!
PPS- Next week I am having a whole week of  projects featuring fabric scraps, with a link party on the Friday so get ready to do some crafting and have something ready to share with us all! More details tomorrow~
It got me

10 thoughts on “It got me

  1. Wishing you much energy and rapid recovery! p.s. I am beyond thrilled to hear the snap shot of your crafting & party post next week. Yay! Until then, chicken soup & tea!


  2. Aww, man so sorry to hear you're sick, Holly :( I hope you can find some time to get some rest, girlie!!

    Also, thank you so much for including me in your links, that made my day! Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading, you've been a long time fav on my end :)

    Feel better!!


  3. You're a busy, bustling gal so I can only imagine how hard it is when you get hit w/ a bug! It's like you know your body's telling you to slow down…..but life won't allow it. ::shakes fist:: So sorry & hope life returns to the HEALTHY fun lane soon.

    P.S. Imagine my complete surprise & euphoria when I clicked over to your fave links, eager to discover new-to-me blogs & saw you included me!! Thx girl!!!! xoxo


  4. So sorry to hear you are sick! Just getting over it myself so you have big sympathy here :) Rest up – chamomile tea with lemon really helped my throat so you may want to give that a try too :)


  5. Holly!

    Ok, I am officially in LOVE with your blog! Went through all your AWESOME renos and have to show my hubby all the lovely work you guys have done! We are still in the midst of fixing up our home with still SO MUCH work to be done and with a nearly nonexistent budget! But absolutely LOVE what you've done to your place!!!

    And why have I not known about your blog before?!?! Probably because I haven't been blogging consistently for over a year! :( Ok, enough with the tangents ~ I digress! :) Looking forward to your posts!

    Jessie @ acozycottageinthecity


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