Parkview Update

 photo _MG_4036_zps3f665089.jpg

It’s about that time again! We are nearing the home stretch… although it will be a hard push to make it all happen quickly. The last few weeks always seem so close, but really there is a TON to be done.

Our biggest update is on the exterior of the house which looked like this when we started.
 photo _MG_0418_zpscd977c7b.jpg 

Things looked much worse before it improved…
inthefunlane photo inthefunlane-64.jpg

And this is it today! We just got a big snow dump so you can’t see the pretty new roof, but I am thrilled with the new siding. The new porch is the single biggest improvement, and adds a bit of character to the otherwise boring front. We still have some character to add to the supports and railing, etc. but I am so happy with the outcome.
 photo _MG_4823_zps6016e13e.jpg 

Inside we are getting our wood floors this week.
 photo _MG_4825_zpsddb27ec5.jpg 
And the tilers are starting too!! Our main floors tiles are all going to be this tile, which I’ll show you more about later this week. 
 photo _MG_4824_zps6ca4e397.jpg

I am going for a ‘carriage house’ look in my mud room with the floors looking cobbled together and some dramatic lighting. I can’t wait to show you all the decorative accents I have planned for in here. Two of these guys will hang down over the door ways in the mud room, which I am excited to see installed!

I was also excited when this guy showed up on  my door step last week from Restoration Hardware to hang over the kitchen island!

I love the adjustable arms and industrial feel! 
As you can see, things are happening and starting to come together, so expect to be inundated with a lot more updates (sorry in advance!).

Parkview Update

21 thoughts on “Parkview Update

  1. I love the progress so far. The exterior color is perfect! I love grey exteriors and white trim. The front door though feels like a garden door or back door… Are you going to paint it? Looking forward to more Parkview posts, thanks for sharing! :)


  2. Extending the porch was what that house needed for sure. It was somheavy on one side, now it looks as if it was there the whole time! It is going to be a fun space to decorate! Love the light fixtures, did you see the house on Hooked on Houses that was totally staged by RH? It looks like their catalog but in an actual house. I love RH but wouldn't want everything in my house from there store.


  3. I happened to drive past Parkview on the weekend and I can't believe how great it looks in person! I am definitely using the grey siding as inspiration for my next home :)


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