Kitchen Tour

I had so much fun making the living room tour I shared last week that I whipped up another little tour of the kitchen/family room yesterday. If you don’t take it too seriously it is kind of a blast to make these, Sean’s review of the last one was that it felt “very Napoleon Dynamite”. I’ll take it!

So here is my cheesy slash fun snippet of where we spend 80% of our days.
Kitchen Tour

23 thoughts on “Kitchen Tour

  1. I love every little bit of it. It makes me so impatient to gut our kitchen. When we do, it will be quite embarrassing how much it looks like yours. We have such similar tastes! I could move right into your house and be perfectly happy. Maybe we should do a house swap? I'm sure you've dreamed about coming to Indiana your whole life…


  2. Love it! Such a fun idea too. How are you able to photograph your home looking toward the brightly lit windows????? My camera automatically will darken my pictures….. I value your response. thanks


  3. I love your kitchen. I am jealous of the cozy seating area, the double fridge and all of the sun light. Such an amazing space. I would spend 80% of my time there as well!


  4. Thanks so much ladies!!
    Audra, you have to adjust your camera settings (I reduce contrast and then lower the ISO or else raise the shutter speed). I should do a post on this as some point because I get a lot of emails about photography (although I am far from an expert).

    Wendy, the snacks tin is from HomeGoods a few years ago!


  5. loving these video tours. your kitchen is so fresh and classic. we are building right now and I'm going with a lot of white, classic lines and muted tones. can't wait to see it all come together, but for the time being, these stunning images of your lovely home serve as pretty sensational inspiration :)


  6. it's beautiful! loved the video and i'm going to have to learn how to do those soon….
    would you be willing to share two things? :)
    1) wall paint color
    2) the minty paint color of the cabinet

    always enjoy your blog


  7. Thanks again everyone!!

    Judi, we eat in our dining room which is just off the kitchen (you can see a glimpse of it at the end of the video and in the living room video). We just found we didn't need a dining room, kitchen nook and counter eating areas. It is a great way to force us to use the dining room, since it would probably otherwise sit empty 95% of the time.


  8. JW, Thanks!!
    1) The grey portion of the walls is Barley Beige by CIL and the lower white portion is Seed Pearl by Pratt&Lambert (the ceiling is this as well).

    2) the cabinet is an antique that I found that color so I have no idea what the actual color is but I would say it is the perfect hybrid of a mint and candy apple green.

    Have a great day!


  9. Audra, if your camera is automatically correcting for the bright light, you most likely have your camera settings on automatic exposure (auto is a camera persons worst friend because it does stuff on it' own without asking you first! Auto focus is even worse, for a videographer).
    If you're working with a Canon DSLR, turn the little wheel on top to the letter M for manual. Then you can adjust your own exposure settings (there are 3, the shutter speed, ISO, and iris aperture/f-stop of the lens itself).
    It's a good idea to stay under 1600 ISO. Then the aperture is what you'll mainly play with most quickly and easily. The higher the f-stop number the smaller the aperture gets, letting less light in; closer to 1=the wider it is (like fractions, with a whole pie). And the faster the shutter speed, the less light comes in because it's open a shorter amount of time for exposure.

    Hope that helps!

    Krystal Wight Armstrong
    Cinematic Artist


  10. Holly your home is as gorgeous in video as it is in pictures. You must smile every morning you walk into that kitchen after what you started with (long time reader so I remember what it used to be like)! Loved the watermelon drip :-)


  11. Such a happy home, I just love it. You have such a natural eye for design! You can't teach this kind of talent, seriously.

    Aaaand thanks to Sean's Napoleon reference, all I could imagine was you practicing some dance moves afterwards.



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