I can hardly believe we are already in September, but here we are. I just walked home from dropping Wren off at her first day of Kindergarten without me… 

She was fine, I was all nerves. She lined up, went in the school with her class and didn’t even look back. Not even once. It makes me so happy that she is ready to jump right into school life, but I kind of felt like Pi at the end of Life of Pi when Richard Parker just walked off into the jungle. I was hoping she would give me some moment of closure now that our mommy-wren days are over, but besides that selfish little moment of mine I was overjoyed that she is ready to be her own little person.

I know she will do beautifully.

 photo IMG_7749_zps6ba61c29.jpg 

And just in case someone hasn’t told you yet today:
canvas-tote photo IMG_7752_zps2d034c6c.jpg

I am kind of obsessed with my new Justine Ma shopping tote I picked up a couple weeks ago at Plum, it gives off nothing but great vibes.

Now go have yourself a nice weekend!

11 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Oh Holly, I can almost feel that moment you described with Wren proudly marching in to school and you (secretly) hoping she looks back just for a sec. It occurred to me, while running silly errands this week, that two years from now my little guy will be starting kindergarten. My stomach jumped up in my throat at the thought. Times flies, lucky for us, we're in the fun lane ;) Happy weekend!


  2. I love that reference to Life of Pi. In a way, it WAS like a part of you walked off into kindergarten without a glance back! I can only imagine how bittersweet that moment was for you. You've prepared Wren for this moment–you done good, mama!!

    And now I'm getting misty-eyed as I stare at the baby monitor at a sleeping Quinn.

    P.S. That Justine Ma is so talented!


  3. As I read what you wrote, I was thinking you and your husband are such good parents that Wren trusts you that this will be a good adventure.
    With my first daughter I was in tears when I left her go. I got in my car and wailed. With the second one , I almost pushed he out. You will learn to love your time apart


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