CottageK: Black Out

Things are rolling ahead at CottageK! I am going to show you our progress tomorrow after I snap some photos today. The first order of business is to get the outside painted and fixed up before the cold weather hits us hard. 

When I walked through the house with my realtor a couple weeks ago we were talking about my plans for it and I mentioned that I was painting all the old window trim black. She glanced at me in horror (totally understandable, it sounds crazy), because it’s not something you see everyday around here. But I have already started slathering the trim and door in black paint and I am pretty confident that she will love it, and I’m hoping everyone else will too!

Here are a few reasons I’m thinking the beautiful old panes will benefit from a fresh coat of black paint.

What do you think? Wild, cool, unexpected? I can’t wait to show you the outside tomorrow.
CottageK: Black Out

20 thoughts on “CottageK: Black Out

  1. I'm a huge fan of black panes! I wish I could paint mine black, but they are inside the glass. And the thing is, when we got our windows replaced, I told the guy I wanted black, he looked at me funny too. Also told me it would fade. but every time I see it, I get mad at that guy for talking me out of it! ;)


  2. Love it!! Actually very inspiring, truthfully.. While I love an all-white palette, I also love me some drama and I think black trim adds just that! We won't be renovating our home for a few years, but I love collecting ideas for down the road. Oh ya, and black and white (or cream)? So classic. It'll be stylish for years.


  3. O At Home magazine-Spring 2007- Kate Walsh of Grey's Anatomy finds her McDream house. I saved the magazine because of her house- it's a 1923 Mediterranean-style four bedroom house. All the trim is painted in a black lacquer. The rooms are in bold colors. Velvet furniture. Talk about a bad case of the I WANTS! We had JUST finished redoing our 1920's home. And I was NOT about to deal with one more contractor or one more sheetrock dust clean up nightmare :-) However, it's springtime and I am dreaming- I MIGHT re-do just our bedroom…
    I LOVE the black :-) Thanks for sharing :-)


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