CottageK: Kitchen progress

We had a really really busy and productive weekend at CottageK! All the behind the scenes work that isn’t so noticeable or exciting seems to take a long time and doesn’t give me much to show you (wiring, plumbing, demolition, new subfloors, etc.) is over and we are on to the good stuff. 

Of course, I forgot my camera! But my iPhone will do because I could hardly wait to show you. 

Our kitchen is now entirely tiled, in a 2 inch Hex tile. It is traditional, yet feels totally fresh to me, I love the texture it gives the room. It should be grouted by the end of the week and we can start painting the walls in here.
 photo photo17_zpsaa67ae9d.jpg 

It is hard to believe that 2 weeks ago this was the kitchen.
 photo IMG_8084_zps3a00627e.jpg 

Already, it is hard to believe how far it’s come! I’ve sprayed the planks in an untinted, pure white semi-gloss paint. The smooth finish is so lovely in person. We have the countertops going in on Thursday and then Sean can install the final plank and trim it all off so I can install the shelving.

I also sprayed all the cabinetry in Martha Stewart’s Bedford Grey. It is warm, rich and perfectly cozy in this little kitchen.
 photo photo18_zpsa43e3cca.jpg 
Sean and my Dad spent the weekend installing all our new light fixtures in the house. Everyone is in agreement that these swiveling arm sconces from Restoration Hardware are the favorites.
 photo photo15_zpse99c1399.jpg 

 photo photo16_zps1be5e3e4.jpg

One of the bedrooms is completely finished, and the other is just in need of having it’s trim painted, then we will start on the bathroom rebuild! So lot’s more before and afters to come.

Also, THANK YOU all so much for your amazing comments!! I truly appreciate them. I see many of you have asked questions about supplies, sources, etc. and I apologize for not going back to each comment and answering. Right now I seem to only log on briefly to upload photos and post a quick update, but I plan on doing a Q&A post at the end of all this, after I post a full re-cap/source list, so if you don’t see your question answered there you will have an opportunity to get all the details in one place. It just seems much easier for me to answer everything in one place since you often have similar questions, and easier for you to find the answers!

Have a great Monday
CottageK: Kitchen progress

9 thoughts on “CottageK: Kitchen progress

  1. Cool, I'll keep looking forward to these exciting updates, and then the re-cap at the end!
    Because in the mean time I'm intrigued by the ceiling planking that seems to end right above the cabinets in the kitchen…I've never seen a ceiling like that, so I'm curious to see if it ends right there, if you cap the edge with a moulding trim, or connect it with something else across the rest of the ceiling. I guess I'll just have to wait and see :)


  2. Holly, Holly, Holly! You are so darn GOOD at what you do! I am amazed! You have done so much in the last two weeks with that kitchen compared to the 2 yrs we have been in our fixer…lordy, lordy! Do you ever worry that there may be asbestos glueing underneath the tiles? That's where we are right now with our hideous flooring…there are these awful ceramic tiles tightly glued on top of the the vinyl flooring and layers of other crap! I have a little one and am not sure how to go about this. I've been told to go over the tile (too ugly) or hire someone to get it removed (too expensive), or do it ourselves (messy and possibly not good healthwise???)….what say you!?!? Anyway, can't wait to see what else you all have in store for this place!



  3. what will the new owners do for storage space in the kitchen now that the upper cabinets are gone? ..or will that be in the Q&A.. it's really taking shape though, 8 days to go to hit the target!


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