Living Room Ceiling is Getting Planked People!!

Things are getting wild over here! The kitchen/family room is a sea of white furniture…

 photo IMG_8761_zps8ee6055b.jpg

Anything able to be moved out of the living and dining rooms has been shuffled in here while we try to FINALLY plank our living/dining room (I know you’ve been hearing me talk about that for about 2 years now, so it’s only right we do it in t-minus 5 days to shoot time)
 photo IMG_8767_zpsf7d9cdcc.jpg

We brought home the wood yesterday and got about 30% of it up. Only 70% to go…
 photo IMG_8774_zpsdadfdf58.jpg

Living Room Ceiling is Getting Planked People!!

11 thoughts on “Living Room Ceiling is Getting Planked People!!

  1. You really ARE crazy. ;) But it will be soooo lovely. What style Ikea chairs are those? I've only been able to find them with covers that leave the legs exposed. Not what I want.


  2. Would love to hear more about this project, as we are getting ready to do the same. Did you just put the wood right over the texture, or did you have to prepare the ceiling in some way? Thanks!


  3. Thanks Jen!

    Amanda, they are the Henrik chairs. They make a similar one nowadays, but not this exact one unfortunately (these seem narrower and taller than the new ones).

    Wendy and Jen A, we debated using tongue and groove (like we did in the kitchen/family room). But we ended up using MDF planks nailed into the trusses for a more modern/clean look which suits the style in these rooms better.

    As for preparing the ceiling, we didn't do anything, just used really long nails LOL.

    Lois, sorry! I wish I was of more help but I found the covers at a thrift store for $1.99. The only tags sewn inside are care instructions. Sorry I am of no help~


  4. So much work and yet so very rewarding! This is totally the way to do it because the job CAN”T drag on! There's a deadline‚Ķand adrenaline and motivation to boot! You'll be amazing and it'll get done and you'll be exhausted and then you'll never regret a single moment. Then that room will LITERALLY be floor to ceiling a dream room. :) Cheers! Marissa


  5. So exciting! What a fun reason to get it all done. BTW, where did you get that black/white pillow? Is it current?
    Actually, I love all those pillows. Are any current purchases?
    Thanks and enjoy the madness! :)


  6. Oh Marissa, how right you are (says the lady who only finished parts of her last ceiling project two years after the fact). You always make my day with your comments.

    Melissa, thanks so much! The black and white pillow is a new ikea pillow so there should be plenty! The birds came from Anthro last week. It was on sale and I don't see it online but perhaps some stores still have them. The other pink one is a dye creation of mine ;)


  7. Where did you get that pillow with the birds on it? It's lovely.

    I did my bedroom in tongue and groove ceiling a few years ago and what a difference from that horrible stucco. Your project looks great. I love the kitchen in your cottage flip.


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