Happy Holidays!

Whatever you celebrate, wherever you are, just know that I am sending happy and warm holiday wishes your way. 

This holiday season has been so busy, but the last few days have been filled with a sense of peace. As someone who runs full speed ahead at all times it is a very refreshing feeling and I hope it carries into my new year. 

And I am thrilled that after 2 years of growing paperwhites that never bloomed, we finally have a bumper crop of them! 
 photo IMG_9031_zpse0ee4671.jpg 
Maybe using dirt and sand was my issue? Who knows! But I’ll be forcing them in old milk bottles again next year.
 photo IMG_9032_zps8d4625fe.jpg 

Last minute wrapping, out of tags and paper at the end.
 photo IMG_9041_zpsd14028fc.jpg 

A sweet little card from my bestie for Wren. 

 photo IMG_9038_zpsfb271131.jpg 

Jingle bells and baker’s twine make for festive touches on odds and ends.
 photo IMG_8991_zps37076d86.jpg

Have a special, safe, happy holidays.
xoxo Holly
Happy Holidays!

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