Neon vs. Pastel

I have been lacking in the inspiration department, in part from all the holiday craziness. I’ve been feeling so torn between pastel and neon hints of color in otherwise white spaces. Here are the current ideas that have my heart singing, and unfortunately it leaves me no closer to being team pastel or team neon!


So where do you stand on the pastel/neon debate?
Neon vs. Pastel

10 thoughts on “Neon vs. Pastel

  1. Team pastel all the way. I'm an '80s kid so neon brings back mixed feelings about perms & scrunchies.

    And team white walls! You did them WAY before the rest of blogland, Pinterest, etc caught on, amIright?!? ;-)


  2. I'm no help because I love the combo of both in one space! For me, neon is too much on it's own and all pastel makes me want to gag, but the combo of them both is perfection!


  3. Well, I am definitely team pastel. Maybe that's because I already lived through the neon craze of the 80's and I never could jump on that bandwagon this time. I'm hoping to see less of that and more pastel in the Spring lines. Also? That first picture? Major swoon.


  4. I feel that pastels are timeless, while neons are a fad that come and go. Mixing a few neons in small doses with timeless colours is prob the most I could commit!


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