Instagram Inspiration

I will admit I am an Instagram junkie. Not so much in posting every little thing that I am eatting/doing/seeing but I use it more as my little shot of happy by seeing the beauty that others are finding in their lives. I also love following friends and family, but I use it primarily as an inspiration tool.
The most wonderful part about it is that you can find some insanely talented, wonderful people and while they take breath taking or super cute pictures I love that we are seeing someones life in snapshots. Not magazine worthy, perfect moments. But these little moments and shots are often just as beautiful or even more so than those found in any lifestyle magazine. And that is perhaps my favorite thing about Instagram, it is almost like a persons individual lifestyle magazine because you will see everything from their home decor style to their personal fashion statements and more. It can definitely lead you to look for more beauty in your life.
Maybe I will make this a regular series, maybe not, but here are my current favorite feeds to follow.
Do you have one or two must-follow feeds?

Instagram Inspiration

8 thoughts on “Instagram Inspiration

  1. I love Instagram for the exact same reason! I post fairly often, but more than anything, I'm inspired and motivated by scrolling through beautiful, happy photos of the many talented people I follow. Such a happy app and a positive addition to my day :)


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