Dreaming of…

We aren’t really close to worry about it, but when you have wood floors you will inevitably have to refinish them. Our floors are so dark they almost border on being black and I’ve always loved the contrast against all our white furniture. But lately I’ve become enthralled with the idea of going white!
I know, I know. They aren’t for everyone, and they do require upkeep. But when you see the loveliness of these rooms you may not think I’m entirely crazy. Close, but not entirely crazy.

Dreaming of…

9 thoughts on “Dreaming of…

  1. I love white floors, but they can look a bit stark. Being a Scan design fan (more country Swedish) I love the bleached floors you see in that kind of tradition, and Ikea:) Less paint and you see the grain of the wood. I'm not into high maintenance cleaning either. I do it myself… Little Homestead in Boise


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