Washi Tape Cake Banners

lantern 003 

We aren’t all super women (even if it sometimes seems like that in blog land), and sometimes you have things come up quickly or unexpectedly. And life is always busy! So while I nearly always rely on local bakeries for pretty sweets at any gathering (baking, especially pretty icing, is not my strong point) I still enjoy making things look and feel like I put thought into them, which ironically I am doing by saving my guests from my baking. 

It is almost hard to look back on a time without washi tape! The creations you come up with quickly and colorfully are endless. So for a belated birthday surprise for my bestest bud I wanted to jazz up a grocery store cake.

A couple bamboo skewers, baker’s twine and tape got the job done! The secret I use for this is to fold the tape over the twine and slip a small piece of white paper between both sides of tape and trim after. The reason is that washi tape is thin and you can often see some of the pattern on the reverse side so the paper keeps the colors bright and from seeing the back side. Then trim edges in V’s or inverted V’s.
lantern 002

It honestly only take about 5 minutes and totally takes the fun to a new level!
lantern 007lantern 009

Washi Tape Cake Banners

5 thoughts on “Washi Tape Cake Banners

  1. I have an abundant amount of glitter tape, which I adore and use on every card or label for a homemade good. Glitter tape could also be used for the banner, stellar idea! Thank you, Holly!


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