European adventure Part 1: London

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you already know that we spent the last two weeks exploring London and France with our two best friends! Our first stop was London for 3 days and we managed to cram a lot of sight seeing and wandering in those few days. Because for the most part everyone already knows what most of the landmarks look like I thought I would share some of the beautiful things that caught my eye you might not have seen before.

London is easily one of the most beautiful and clean cities I’ve ever seen. It is impossible to find a street that isn’t beautiful in some way but a few of the little alley ways that were used  for carriages (but are now million dollar homes) really stole my heart with their pastel colors.

Because I don’t want to crash blogger, here are just a few of my favorite photos and moments caught on both my big camera and iPhone.


Our hotel, The Ampersand, was amazing! I highly recommend it if you are thinking of heading over the pond. It was in Chelsea and easy to get around and walk to some of the best shopping from and the metro was right across the street.

LOVED this button art in the lobby of The Ampersand. Possible DIY???


After a few days of adventures we all got on a train for Paris, which I can’t wait to show you next!
European adventure Part 1: London

4 thoughts on “European adventure Part 1: London

  1. I have never been to London or Paris. Hoping to get there one day soon! I can tell by your photos that I would love London. Those homes are wonderful and that aqua front door! How fun!! Holly, you are adorable. Such a cute photo of you.


  2. Absolutely adored your photos of your trips. I just recently went to Paris in February and my pictures are a lot more dreary and dark than yours. I'd love to go back in the spring sometime. Glad you had fun! Keep sharing!


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