Bring on Summer

The best thing about having school aged kids is that Summer seems to have a definitive start date. I always loved those first few weeks of Summer after school let out when I was a kid. It seemed like the days stretched forever and the whole Summer still lay ahead to be discovered. I even loved those last few weeks of school where it seems like fun activities and making plans with your friends for coming months took priority. Wren is in her last couple weeks of School and I am looking forward to doing all the following things:
1. Have a Lemonade Stand
2. Hang at the local outdoor pool a couple days a week
3. Go to at least one parade
4. Fly kites
5. Ride our bikes to the local ice cream shop
6. Float aimlessly in tubes at the lake
7. Enjoy a fireworks show at least once
8. Drive with the sunroof open 
9. Make s’mores over the campfire
10. Hit the outdoor farmer’s market every Saturday
What is on your must do list this Summer?

Bring on Summer

3 thoughts on “Bring on Summer

  1. We always check out the local garage sales, Fort Edmonton Park & lots of time in the garden which means making jam with fresh raspberries & strawberries!


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