Welcome to Our Laurier Heights Flip!

renos July 16, 2014
Yes, I have been neglecting my little corner of the internet pretty bad lately. But it’s not because I am frolicking on a beach somewhere for the Summer. It’s because we are about to dive into our next flip project: Laurier Heights!
Actually, we are about to dive into our Laurier Heights flip AND begin work on a duplex we will be building from the ground up in our first ever new build. This all came to pass within in the last 10 days which has made life pretty hectic and exciting! 
But today let’s talk about the Laurier Heights project which will start this coming Monday! It is in one of the best neighbourhoods here in Edmonton, and it is a great house. Just really, really dated. And you can hardly see it behind all those over grown trees so we have a lot of outdoor work to do as well.
When you come in there is a nice little foyer and a couple staircases since it is a 4 level split.
A door to the kitchen off the foyer, as well as entry to the living room.
We are aiming to make this a modern/cool nod to mid-century modern with a natural twist. I totally understand if that means nothing to anyone else LOL.
The kitchen is where we are spending a good chunk of our budget, as we will be opening up all the walls on the main floor here to give a much more airy vibe.
Upstairs in the master bedroom we will be spending the other majority of effort (though hopefully not as much money) in opening up the 4th bedroom into the master to make for one sweet suite…
And a MUCH nicer/bigger ensuite. Because a sink and a toilet just don’t cut it nowadays. That funky door in the master is to a roof deck, but I think it will be coming out and potentially re-installed in the second bedroom (although I am not convinced, despite protests from my trades and Sean).
I will share a few more before shots of the fifth bedroom, laundry room, family room and 2 other bath rooms as soon as I have the keys this monday, as well as all our exciting plans for the exterior!
Hope your Summer has been warm, happy and fun!

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  1. 204 Park says on July 17, 2014

    I can't wait to see what you do with this little beauty – it's going to be gorgeous! Keep us posted ;) Xo, S


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