Style Me Pretty

A couple months ago I had the absolute pleasure to spend the day with the lovely Jacqueline Elizabeth (seriously, this girl is the coolest). She snapped some shots for the girls over at Style Me Pretty Living and today they are sharing them in their Behind The Blog feature! 
You can check out the whole thing here.
Like, Jacqueline nailed it in a major way.
Thanks Style Me Pretty and Jacqueline Elizabeth for showing me so much love!

Style Me Pretty

13 thoughts on “Style Me Pretty

  1. Adore you (& Wren). Most of all, love how genuine you are in this day & age of blogging. If I see one more rstyle me link I might flip out, kwim ;-)

    Jacqueline's photos are perfection.


  2. Great job on the post! You ladies look lovely, as always. And I love your approach to you blog. I have blogged on and off for 7 years and am just getting back to it after a one year break. I always miss it, but I have a hard time not comparing my journey to others'. Thanks for reminding me that I don't have to. :)


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