Introducing Toffee

Life has been so so very full this Summer, friends! Not only have my hands been full with the two houses I am currently juggling, but we have been in the process of building ourselves a new deck (I have the befores ready to share, but I am hoping the after is coming soon…), we have been celebrating weddings, birthdays, and visiting friends… and we brought home a new family member from the SPCA.
If you’ve been keeping up with me in between blog posts on Instagram then this is not new news to you. But I figured Mr. Toffee deserves his very own introduction to the friendly folks in blog-land.
He is an overly sweet, loving, happy little three year old mix breed. We can only guess at his age and breed but we suspect he is a shihtzu/yorkie cross of some sort. He seems to be thrilled at having a family of his own.
Wren’s biggest concern since we got him is that he doesn’t currently have a birthday…
but we remedied that one afternoon by making him a little hat and singing happy birthday.
She decided the very next day that he would prefer to share her birthday. Sometimes you just go along with these things, right? I have a feeling Toffee will be having multiple mini-celebrations this year.

Introducing Toffee

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